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Lambda Humans

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We working on it :') We want more people too !

First, thank you for playing ! And yes, it is exactly that ! 

Simple but really well designed.

Avec plaisir :D

Well it works really well ! c: Keep it up !

Really cool ! Love the DA c:

Tall dead cat :c

Really cool concept ! So DA and sound design ! 

Well done flappy clone !

Hehe, my PC works !  really satisfying c:

Hey everyone!

We (Flo&Alex) are very happy that we could finally post our game on!

We would like our thumbnail to stand out and at the same time represent our game well. For the moment we've used and reworked the artwork we used for our IGDB page.

We're not sure if it's adapted to, and especially if it's efficient to share what the game is: a multiplayer online game between casual and e-sport.

We hesitate to go to something much simpler, like an orange app with the name of the game... What do you think about it ? 

Here our actual thumbnail (not sure about the round angles too...) :


I really like 2 colors DA and pixel art. You got me. c:

"You Lose" :P

Interesting and fun concept c: would love to see an online version !

Really cute and well designed game ! 

Ok i had fun but i'm really bad at this :(

Interesting tactic/chess tank war. 

Simple but it works really well, I had fun :)

Really cool little concept !! Love the UI ! :)

Cool concept ! Would be nice to see that on mobile with a little work on the DA :)

Classic but well made :) . Little problem : the game restart if i spam arrow keys.

The DA is really nice.

i'm so bad at this...

Simple but effective :) I really like the "space invaders" mood, but i need to train a little ( i always crash on invaders :c )

Nice little game, but the arrow keys are inverted for me.

I played alone but it can be really fun playing against friends :)

Really great ! The atmosphere is crazy !

Yeah Zeksa.. even for us it's hard to beat him :')

And yes, the dot is when you contribute and have the "contribution line" (seasonpass) !

Many people tell us that :) If the game works well, there will be a new plush for each season, so probably one of the characters.

Merci beaucoup ! :)

Some players are already really good... :')

it can happen yes :')

Thank you !

Tu peux les inviter ou les rejoindre en "party game": clic juste au dessus du panneau jouer,  puis partage ton code ou rentre le leur. :)