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Thank you very much, Friend!

Hello! I sent message via e-mail. Check it please. Waiting for your reply.

Yes, I preparing copyright free version for you... 1-2 days.

I will e-mail and reply here.

Hello ?

Hi! Thank you very much!

This is science cartoon.  Game-cartoon based on book by Nicholas Roerich - world famous artist and philosopher of 20 century. There is no any offensive material. It's impossible.

please e-mail me something to:

for stay in touch. Not here.

I understand. Tell me please:

- Did you played all my game? until last scene?

- Maybe I can try replace music with copyright free music. Is there any guarantee from you to me: 

1. You will 100% making video ?

2. Whole game, not a part ? 

3. Approximate views count on your channel ?

Replacing music is very complex work for me: morally and physically.

What do you think ?

Hello AlphaBetaGamer,

Thank you for your interest.

The point is that I used music specially for narrative. All this music with narrative mind. This cartoon is a complete art picture (with all this music).  I wish to emphasize that. Of course I can make build without music. But please tell me first - what for ?



Here is 3d Interactive Cartoon, named FISH. Made by one man, me.

In this cartoon you'll find out many Secrets of our Universe.

Cartoon based on Nicholas Roerich's book. 

Nicholas Roerich is the world famous artist and philosopher in 20 century.

  • There is full English audio and subtitles.
  • Play mode: single player;
  • platform: PC;
  • Important: This game-cartoon requires GTX1070 or higher video card.

Headline: "Time for True world has come".

This game ask you to listen.