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Chiel. I am so, so sorry to hear everything that happened with your husband. I'm glad that you are starting to have some clarity on the situation, but I can understand how difficult this must be for you. Please, take as much time as you need to process and heal, there is no timeline for when you need to be better. As people were saying on the last update, you are valued and loved, and you deserve someone who will put you first. 

Again, I'm glad that you've begun to heal. Keep hugging those doggies and I know you'll get through it. ♡♡

Oh my gosh congratulations!!!! You look absolutely beautiful and I love your dress. I hope you and your husband have a happy and long marriage, and please take as much time off as you need!!

Have a wonderful wedding and take as much time off as you need! :)

yes they're still developing it! they update their kickstarter fairly frequently if you want updates :)

Hi Chiel!

It's so cool to see how far you've come with this project. I'm super excited for the full release (but no rush of course)! Thank you for all of the hard work and updates!! ^-^

I bet drawing the sad CG's would be hard, whenever I play VNs it's hard enough when you get them, let alone when you are writing them and have to draw them as well! 

aweeee their answers about Maya were so cute! Thank you as always for answering and for the update ^^

Hi again Chiel!

It sounds like things are going well, which is always good to see! Good work with the progress, it seems like it's coming along well :)

With that being said, I once again have a question for the boys: (once they're in a relationship with Maya) what is their favorite thing about her?

Thank you as always for the update, have a good week ^̮^

Hi Chiel! 

I’m glad everything is going well, and just as everyone else has said, don’t feel bad about taking time to yourself. You absolutely deserve it, and we’ll still be here either way :)

with that out of the way, I have a question for the boys that I hope hasn’t been asked yet:

do you believe in true love or soulmates? why or why not?

as always thank you for everything!

Wow I love the music you picked, so cool sounding and perfect for a battle scene! I can't believe how accurate the 16 personalities test was. I knew that those tests were good, but not that good ahahah 

Keep up the good work SweetChiel, but make sure to take time for yourself! I know that you must be so busy with this project and the wedding planning, so don't get so caught up with everything else that you don't allow time for yourself to rest. You deserve it!

Have a great week <333

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Hi! I’ve been a quiet supporter for a while now and I’m super excited for this game. You’re doing great work! Just don’t overwork yourself :). Anyways, I have a question for the boys: what about the opposite gender confuses you the most?