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Why do I need to go so far around with the snake? I know what to do already. Does it need to be so far..

Really cool! Love the gameboy aesthetic 😍

Another banger! So nice to hear about the clean energy, congratulations! 

Great game! Tricky and fun! :)
The animations are super cool, but they do become a tiny bit tedious after a while. Also I don't really see the point of the player being able to fall of the edge of the map?

Thank you! Great point. We will definitely update the controls to accommodate more players!

( Let's just say you did not find a hack in our puzzle ;) )

It was actually level 7 (I think) that stumped me. But when I replayed it I realized I had seen the kind of configuration before. Not sure why it didn't stick 🤔

But yeah, more levels to help the player really grasp the rules would help I think!

This is a great game, I really like both the gameplay and the visuals!

I found the rules for bridge a bit hard to understand at first. I thought there would need to be exactly three water tiles in a row. Maybe stupid of me, but that's the feedback I have! :)

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Nice game! It's casual and chill. I made it 6 days, then a mouse took my money..

I feel like I would want to know when to expect money from my factories though. They seemed to stop producing any after a while and I don't know why.
Also, if you click on a building in the shop, is there anyway to cancel that building? If I click the shop again before placing the building, the building is built underneath the shop window :-/