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*Spoilers below*

I finally finished arc 4 and I have so many thoughts and feelings about this game...I love the character exploration and interactions, how horrifying the bad ends are and the way Iggy progressively remembers more and more with each arc. There's never a dull moment and I keep telling people about this game because it's so crazy. Genzou and Iggy's relationship breaks my heart in every arc but I also love Gidget and Orlam because of the moments where they're true selves come through. It just builds up really well but at the same time I want to shake my screen because I need these characters to have an honest conversation with each other. Anyways, I could say more but these characters are already living in my head rent free and they don't need more real estate. I love your game and seeing your progress, best of luck with act 5 Carrot!!!

Hey thanks for letting me know! Do you have a screenshot of where it happened? 

This game is such a visual treat Milo!! I love all the effects you've added, everything from the backgrounds and UI must've taken quite a lot of work! 

*theorizing* I'd like to think the traveler is an ancient ancestor of Fletcher which is probably why he's so handsome. Even if this demo is very short, I'm so curious about the details between Gale and Zephyr and whether a major conflict occurred! I was also surprised that the magpie stuff descends from royalty? The use of "we" and all that stuff Fletcher did made me think it was like a pagan cult lmao.

 I can't wait for the rest, I think the most interesting thing is definitely the lore and I'd love to learn more!! 

Your English is fine, thank you for leaving a comment and understanding. I definitely want to improve on the social media front of things and communicating with followers despite the anxiety so I'm very grateful for your kind words and will continue doing my best! 

I don't even know how to respond to this, but thank you. I definitely fall under that category for anxiety haha but more than anything I want to see this game finished. Your words are extremely encouraging and all I can say is that it's definitely one I'll come back to on a rainy day. I'll keep working through it!

Hi! Can I ask if you're using the app or web browser?

Hey Shiba! I love your work and I hope you're doing well! As for feedback for Otome Jam I personally would like to see additional 3 chapters of the common route just because I don't want to spoil myself for the romance routes haha. I imagine the extra interaction in the common route would give an idea of what the routes are like as well! 

Yup! I'm gonna be updating hopefully soon with a new estimated release date

Maybe once the game is finished! I'll need to find translators for sure 

Heyy Ari! I just had to play Fleeting right as it came out, and this was such a lovely break from homework. This was such an amazing demo so I'll just dump my thoughts into the feedback questions <3

  1. What do you think about the main character, Masa?
    1. It's unusual to see a protagonist who seems more introverted/serious but also clearly has a violent streak. It makes him very interesting! It's refreshing for the story to be from his perspective
  2. Who's your favorite character so far and why? 
    1. Masa himself, haha. I just think he's the most compelling character and I relate to him the most.
  3. How's the pacing and writing?
    1. Soooo good!! I've played your other games and the mood and storytelling is so much more present in this game. I like how the scenes are broken up with the dream sequences, and makes the story easy to follow.
  4. How's the story and plot? What do you think will happen?
    1. I think the captain and Kai will be constantly fighting for the alien guy. Maybe the crew gets torn apart and Masa joins Kai's excaliber? Idk Masa and the LI's just seem like they're meant to be in a separate crew together.
  5. What aspects of the game do you like?
    1. The LI's are super flawed. Kai is a prickly dude through and through which was great lol. I think some games fall into the trap of trying to have every character be likable and sometimes do a 180 on a character's mean attitude because the players have to romance them. Even Jeri who's supposed to be the nice guy can be a push over sometimes...I like that!
  6. How is the UI?  What did you like about it? What did you not like about it? 
    1. Love it, the UI is really nice. The change in portraits and everything fits well with the game's aesthetic. The font is readable, animations are just right, and the side portraits for audio only conversations are cool. 
  7. What other improvements can I make to enhance your experience?
    1. This is nitpicky, but when the affection point goes up maybe there's like words that indicate who it's for? Like "Kai affection/friendship up" or something like that because I'm dumb and didn't realize if I made the right choice hahaha

omg this is insane!! I checked out the page and it's so detailed, you didn't miss a thing! Thank you for taking the time to create a wiki page, and it makes me happy that you enjoyed the game so much!

Sorry for the late reply, but thank you for the kind words! it makes me really happy that you were able to relate to nim! Thanks for playing :^)

Thank you for leaving such a thoughtful and kind review! I'm glad you liked the demo so far and I hope the full game delivers ♡

Thanks so much! I appreciate your support and sent you a little message on patreon as well <3 

Thank you so much, and I'm glad you enjoyed the game! The full script will definitely be getting a few more editing passes so hopefully the typos will be weeded out ^^

Thanks so much for playing! I'm glad it captured the cottage core vibes :^)

I'm glad you liked the game and thanks for bringing those issues to my attention!

I'm amazed by how much was accomplished just with the sprite animation and dialogue pacing! Honestly I love how you always experiment and change up the typical VN formula, Mel. I'm really curious to see how this romance plays out between Seren and Dex since it seems Seren is still trapped in a digital space!

This game is just dripping in style, I loved every bit of the Mucha aesthetic but I was also pleasantly surprised by how fleshed out the lore and setting was. The story had so many twists and turns I couldn't stop reading! The font is a bit hard to read at first but I got used to it after a while.

Hello, sorry for the late response! If you are using the app, try downloading the game directly from the website instead. Let me know if the error persists!

Thank you, I'm glad you like it! :^)

I would love to have the game be translated in Spanish! How can I can keep in touch with you? (Discord, instagram, email etc.)

Thank you! So once you found the zip files were you able to play it normally? 

I did some searching and this seems to be a problem exclusive to the app on windows 10.  The bug has yet to be fixed on their end but a user has mentioned that on their second download the regular screen appeared. Other than that, the game should be able to work on a regular browser (not using the app).

Hey, thanks for letting me know! Was there a download button at all or was this the screen that appeared after you tried to download the game?

Oh whoops haha thanks for letting me know! I'm excited for the new demo :^)

omg sorry that was me uploading version 2.1 I deleted ver 2.0 before uploading thinking no one would catch me between that time haha

I downloaded one of the earlier demos and didn't realize there was a new one, my god the backgrounds are gorgeous!! I may come back with a real review of the new demo but this is a treat!

Aw, you're very sweet, thank you and I hope you enjoy the new demo!! I would love to hear the feedback--although I didn't have any beta testers this time around so hopefully there's not too many grammatical errors haha

Hi, if you're still experiencing this problem, can you let me know what kind of a computer you're using and some details of what problem you're encountering?

Thanks for the well wishes Missy! We'll see how it goes, I just hope the dating mechanics are still fun to the players haha.   

Wow that's crazy!! Thanks so much, your support means the world to me! I fully intend on getting this game out in a timely manner so I'll keep chugging haha

Ohh interesting! I respect that decision, those would've been some big reveals, and I can see how it might be anticlimactic.

I'm really excited for the new project! Mostly because of Corbin and the other characters you've hinted at so far as much as I'll miss the cast of this game haha.  No rush though, I look forward to what you come up with next. :^D

The extended demo will only have a small part of Act 2!  So the majority of the game will still come out in the full release. And thank you, I'm happy to hear that! :^)

I finally finished part 3 of Red-Handed Robin and I just wanted to point out that Fletcher is NOT single by the end of the story. 

In all realness, this was a very exciting ending and I definitely didn't see some of the twists happening! Although it does lead to more questions than answers so I'm looking forward to what comes next. In particular the banter was amazing and although I romanced Wren, Jay really shined in part 3! He was so cool, and I think I actually screamed when I got to Wren's CG, it didn't disappoint lmao. 

My theories about the watches have yet to be confirmed, and I still have so many questions, how could you leave us on a cliffhanger Missy?! 

Hello! Most games need to be unzipped in order to be played on

On the chromebook, you can do that by opening the A Cottage Story zip folder, and copy and pasting the contents into a new folder. Here's a more detailed guide. After it's in the new folder you should be able to play it by clicking the application! Let me know if it works :^)

Larger text, 1 new choice option, and Rufus's sprite adjusted. If you played the previous version you don't need to play this one! A larger update will be coming out fairly soon, I just wanted to increase text size haha

I'm gonna back this kickstarter so hard. I need the Fai route haha

Thank you for the in-depth comment! I'm glad that the writing wasn't boring , I was a little worried the demo seemed too much like a kinetic novel but the full game will have MUCH more choices. I appreciate the critique and will keep it in mind!  (And to add onto that note you're not the first to have mentioned that haha)