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I just finished this game, and it really lived up to expectations! Catching all the nods and cross-references between this story and protoViolence was so satisfying, and I enjoyed the slow reveal of information throughout the narrative and how it influences the protagonist's actions. There were some moments of pure visual storytelling that gave me goosebumps, particularly the ending with the hair pin.

Great work all around, and something this team should be proud of! <3

I dove right into this because I know the level of polish in your games at this point, and it gave me all I wished for and more <3

The intro already pulled on my heartstrings, as someone who also identifies as ace and finds a lot of comfort in fairytale-inspired writing. I took so many screenshots while playing because there was an abundance of witty character writing and so many cute visual details (like Iggy having Oswald by his side while reading?? I am slain. Deceased.). I really can't pick a favourite route between Genzou and Gidget, both were super sweet and brought their own kind of charme! I think I might be relating to Gidget a bit too much because I'm also the type to get lost in the woods in search of Adult Hogs. And I was half-prepared for Orlam's route to include some kind of toxic twist, just on account of how overt some of his dialogue is, but even THAT was surprisingly wholesome. Kudos!

Above all, this game made me want to be... brave, weirdly enough? Because if someone as anxiety-ridden as Iggy can give love a chance, then I feel like I can do the same. Maybe life isn't about minimizing the fear, but about living with it and doing the scary thing anyway. And that is a pretty profound message to get across in a jam game. <3

Ooooh right, sorry! In that case you can play the smaller spinoff games in whatever order you like. Frightwood is more whimsical and is chronologically the first. When Trees Turn to Ice and Living With Ghosts are more serious in tone. :>

NKCVFDNV Thank you!! :>

For the order in which to play the games? I would recommend playing Lovewood first, then Invisible Seams. You can also check out the shorter games (Frightwood, When Trees Turn To Ice, Living With Ghosts) at any point after playing Lovewood, but that is optional :)

Sorry, I can't really seem to change the currency! It may be due to the country I'm registered in.

Thank you so much for those kind words! I'm really happy to hear that it feels like a cohesive experience TuT <3

I had saved this jam game for later because I figured it would blow my socks clean off, and I was right! Man. Where do I even start?

The writing hooked me from the get-go and did a good job at introducing me to this world and to the role STOP plays in it (I certainly want to check out malViolence now that I played this one!). And the way it escalated!! Starting out so smoothly with only its faint hints that something is off, and then never stopping to ramp up the intensity until its cathartic climax. I couldn't stop thinking that Dr. Deidre and Pavel's story would make my mom bawl her eyes out, it has such a poignant core about how children deserve care and dignity and the freedom to make their own choices - To not have their personality and desires stripped from them. I couldn't help but wonder if Deidre intuitively chose Pavel as a case study subject because his creative and headstrong tendencies reminded her of herself when she was a child.

Everything from the art to the sound design assisted the story's impact, making it a truly cohesive experience. Which is really hard to achieve when working as a team, so huge props for that!! <3
My personal favourites were the animations when Deidre first sees Pavel after his more intense processing, and he reaches out to her, and then the heartwrenching voice performance when Pavel has his emotional break. So cinematic.

10/10, my favourite jam game out of the dozen or so I've played so far. Bravo!!

What a cute game! I was bracing for more of a spook, but the experience was surprisingly quirky. Love the 90ies-style educational CD-ROM aesthetic, it's what initially drew me in and it felt so accurate to my childhood memories that it was almost uncanny. Great work from the voice actors too!

The retro style of this game was so cool! Everything from the limited colour palettes in the graphics to the sound design and "voice bleeps" creates such a strong, cohesive atmosphere, and I really love myself a game where everything fits together.

I didn't know what to expect from the mixture of horror, mystery and quirkiness, but it works! The silly and mundane parts of the world contrast right against the ominous and creepy parts. The Suffering Prophet ending was unexpectedly heartbreaking. Really well-done!!

Also, the worm friend... I low-key want a plushie of it. XD

This was really cool, I had never seen a VN that makes such strong use of IRL acting and video - Really made it feel more like a unique multimedia project! And it was surprisingly wholesome too, especially the remark "Remember, there is no perfection in living, [...] and the best kind of songs aren't in tune!"

And yes, the rap route is really silly. I loved it. Seems like the kind of fun, loose expression that would make someone in Robyn's situation feel lighter!

Super fascinating story overall, I'm wondering what you'll make of it as you develop it further!

Aaaah thank you so much, that is some high praise! TuT
So glad the experience felt cohesive in its mood.

This story showed me a kind of fear that I had never quite seen before in fiction! Namely, Anita's hallucinations and the way her perception is at odds with that of other people, combined with her insecurities around human relationships, making me wonder just how much of an unreliable narrator she might be. It filled even the cozy and relaxed dialogue scenes with a sense of uncertainty and dread. Getting an ending in which she finds peace with herself and has friends she can rely on made this all the more cathartic.

I also want to give some love to the artists because each one did a sublime job at their task: The characters' apartments are filled with personality, the sprites are beautiful and feel like real people, and the monster designs made me jump in my seat when they appeared.

I noticed that the narration switched between present and past tense a few times, which was just a bit of a shame because it pulled me out of the experience when my goal was to soak up the story. It might be worth correcting in a future update, if that is something you have planned for the game?

Big praise to everyone who worked on this, I'm really glad I played it despite being a big of a scaredy cat - The heart of the story made it worth it!

Thank you so much! <3

Thank you! <3

Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment! I'm glad that the story hit its mark. ^^

The engine should support gamepad controls by default, but I haven't tested it, since I don't own one myself. Let me know if you give it a shot! I'm afraid the game won't be on Steam though.

Just finished this and it was super cool!! I really appreciate the variation in tone between these two short stories. Vamp Me was a cute and silly narrative with a surprisingly wholesome touch, and Dead Letters was a genuinely creepy story that managed to create its chilling atmosphere without relying on jumpscared (which I always love to see). It actually reminded me of Edgar Allan Poe's Premature Burial short story, in how it takes its time to set the mood and dig gradually deeper into the premise. Efficient, but never rushed. Awesome work!

Aaaah thanks! I'm really glad to hear that.
UI design is always something I struggle with a bit, so it's a relief that it feels fitting! <3

I've been absolutely ITCHING to play this game ever since I saw the first clips of it, and it didn't disappoint! The human drama felt nuanced and real, there were some great jokes mixed in, and all of it got elevated by the excellent voice acting and score. And let's not forget the art!! God!! I want to eat those backgrounds.
All in all a super cohesive narrative and one of my favourite entries from this year's jam so far! <3

Thank you so much for playing! Glad to hear that it resonated <3

I am obsessed with the art direction in this game. Every card is so beautiful, with believable readings. The writing felt compassionate and even opened up some fresh perspectives I hadn't considered yet. Awesome work! <3

This was so cool and immersive! Love the art direction, and the way the writing always kept me guessing what the best course of action might be, as is appropriate in a tense situation like the one depicted. I ended up playing for multiple endings because I wanted to see the differences in the flow of the conversations, as well as the differences between the male and female protagonist. Really impressive work! <3

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That's a really lovely offer, thank you so much! Do you use Discord? Then we could talk over some details :>
I'm [l...w] on there. Otherwise I could give you some other way to get in touch!

This game really impressed me with its writing and the amount of unique scenes! Plus the characterization of Kuku is very adorable at times, especially when she lets her facade slip - It's the contrast that makes her so interesting ^u^
So far I got 3 out of the many endings, but I certainly see myself coming back to unlock more. It's surprisingly addictive! Everyone who contributed to this project should be really proud <3

Thank you so much! :>

Thank you!! TuT <3

Thank you!! 🌺 Always happy to hear when those two come out as someone's faves! :>

Thank you so much, that means a lot! <3 Glad to hear that you... warmed up to it. B)

Nice, glad to hear that it worked :D
Sometimes can be a bit finicky like that. I'm not sure what's causing it either!

Sorry to hear that! Can you describe more on how the issue looks like? It may also help to try again later.

Aaah thanks! Really glad to hear that you're having a good time with it 😊

Thanks for asking! The full game has a couple of suggestive jokes, but there are no explicit scenes. No nudity and no sex at all. 👍 I should probably update the description to reflect this in more detail, I think I was just unsure at the time whether swearwords or a shot of a character revealing their midriff would already count as "spicy" for some players.

Aaaaah thank you!! 💝 So glad to hear that TuT

You're welcome, happy to hear that it works :D

Thanks for letting me know! I just added an updated version of the game for Android, it's titled "Lovewood for Android (new version 8.0.3)" in the download section. If you give that one a try, could you please let me know if that resolved you issue?

Hi! I just compiled a new version of the game for Android, using the most recent version of the engine. You can find it in the download section as "Lovewood for Android (new version 8.0.3)". If you give that one a try, could you please let me know if that solves your issue? It would be really valuable info for me. :>

This was really beautiful and validating. The relationship between Iris and Seo-jun gave me the warm fuzzies, and there is something stunningly gentle about the way their physical closeness is described. <3

This was so lovely, and it felt like something right out of life. Means a lot to me as a fellow ace, especially when Iggy has the courage to open up more in the end, because he feels that Genzou will respect his boundaries, even if he's still in the process of figuring them out himself. The illustrated scene in the end really pulled it together and made my heart so soft TuT
I love the way you bring these guys to life!

Thank you! So happy to hear that their route hit its mark <3