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He didn't end up making it into the selection of screenshots I picked back then, but now that you mention it maybe I should add one with him too!

Itch supports payments via PayPal and Stripe. I'm afraid that's all the options there are, since I'm kind of limited by the platform. 👉👈

Technically there already is! Not sure if it counts as a sequel, but Invisible Seams is a follow-up storyline set in the same universe as Lovewood. :>

Thank you, this is so awesome!! I'll make sure to share a link to it on my development Tumblr as well :D

Ohh, that would be lovely! If you end up making a video, feel free to share it in this comment section too <3
If you'd like to link to one of my socials, it would be great if you include my Itch profile ( That way people can find my games, and that site includes links to my other socials as well. Thank you :D

This was awesome! The vibes are superb, the dynamic between Beaford and Alicia is always entertaining to read, and I didn't expect this much of a wholesome ending. Great work!

Good luck!! Will be looking forward to the game :D

Sorry it didn't work on your device, I'm glad you took the chance to watch it elsewhere! Thank you <3

Ooooh so the name filter actually sprung into action for someone XD Yeah, that would have gotten pretty confusing! Glad you enjoyed it <3

Yes, that's a great point! A bit sad to hear that Renpy 8 is fully 64-bit now T_T

It's super fascinating when concerns of accessibility lead to tradeoffs like in the case of the uncompressed audio. I guess if I had made the game, I would have tried to offer two versions so that players can make an informed choice on which will suit their hardware best? But I'm sure they considered that and there were other technical obstacles in the way. It may explain why a lot of high-fidelity modern games are so huge, now that I think about it.

Thank you so much for sharing! <3

Sounds like there's a whole science to it :O
Heh, I'm sure Moth would own an instructional book like this as well, only to find that he prefers wearing bowties XD

Indeed! I wasn't actually aware of it being that specific knot, but I'm happy if it fits XD

It's a lot XD  I actually made separate sprites for each of his outfits, to keep the Interactive Director somewhat manageable, and the amount of layers and different attributes varies between them. I think his most complex sprite has 10 layers!

Perhaps! I could imagine that Caesar has more grip strength, so he has an easier time sewing through thick fabrics. Not that this knowledge would have kept Moth from insisting to sew the trousers, since it was a personal project to him XD

Oooooh this is really good! Thank you for sharing :D
I believe I didn't use these in my code because they were added in Renpy 7.4, and my games still use Renpy 7.3. That means it's a great new feature that devs can make use of!

Oh yes, excellent point! I usually set music volume to 0.4 and sound volume to 0.7 as the default for my games, and so far I haven't gotten any complaints on it.

Thank you so much!! I'm incredibly happy to hear that TuT <3

I'm so glad it could give you some relief from that. Stay strong and take care of yourself <3

Thank you! I've sent a little tip <3
I don't know if I'll be making more games, but if I need some VA work done, I'll be sure to hit you up!

Thank you so much for sharing these! I used the trembling text in my visual novel <3

I used the screenshake mechanics from this in my recent game!
Thank you so much for sharing this framework, I think you are doing god's work here.

I used many of these for the text bleeps in my game!

Thank you so much for sharing them <3

I used two of these voice clips for a cute little anthro wolf girl in my game!
Thank you so much for lending your voice to creators, you rock :D
Let me know if you'd like a free download key for the game, I'd be happy to email you one.

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I ended up using some of these lines for the villain in my story, they're really great :D
The game's page is here:
Thank you so much for lending your voice to creators, you rock!
I tried paying for this but Itch keeps giving me an error. Any chance you have a Kofi or page?

Thank you so much for the kind words! And yes, I would love that :D
Feel free to share a video from your Let's Play if you end up doing it!

There are currently no plans to release it on Steam, since it's unsure if the registration fee would pay off. If the launch on Itch goes well, it may be worth considering though!

Awww thank you <3 <3
Very happy to hear that it could offer something wholesome and a little different!

Thank you for sharing these results! Some very useful insights in there :>

Thank you so much, that means a lot TuT
I'm really excited to share the full game soon!!

Thank you ≧◠‿◠≦

Aaah thank you so much <3

I'll do my best to deliver the same qualities in the final game!

Thank you TuT 💕

Thank you! <3

Ahhh thank you <3
So happy to hear that :D

Terribly sorry to hear that.  :(

The game seems to throw a fit when it comes to certain mobile devices, and since it's an engine problem, I'm afraid it's something I can't fix.

Thank you 🤗

These are great! Do you mind if we edit them when we use them (like bumping the pitch up just a tad)?

You're welcome! So glad you had a good time with it :D

ashjfkdkg thank you! Great to see that someone enjoyed the friendship ending, it was very fun to write :D

So glad to hear that! The little merchant creature can never get enough love <3