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Shortcuts PDF is confusing.

Can you tell me the shortcuts on ROG Ally.

  • I want to know the shortcuts for going to the Retrobat Menu from the game. I'm able to do this using the select and start buttons in EmuDeck, and I want to know how I can do this in RetroBat.

  • And also what about remapping the controls to say the keyboard keys or gamepad keys? Especially for DOS games. DOS games don't seem to be added to the library and I've no idea.

Edit: I don't know what to set the hotkey to since I don't have additional buttons on the ROG Ally. Also the RetroBat user manual has confusing hotkey pics. I don't have the back ish button on my ally and I have no idea what I'm supposed to press.

  • Or even remapping two buttons so that both buttons simulate one of the buttons. For example in Mario I could remap R1 or L1 to the Fireflower-fire so that running becomes easier than pressing X and A at the same time.

And the Shooter tag too!

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Yes, it is. Download the zip file with the Android Andy icon, extract it and Sideload it.

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For seeing all games made by a dev you can click `View all by hammergames(dev name)` on the top right of the screen or you can just delete the game name in the URL to get the dev's URL page.


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Very good game.

But if I had to give constructive criticism it'd be about the story. The story is kinda too bland& too simple.

It'd also be good if it had mentioned how Native American religious rituals were banned by law in USA due to religious bigotry.

Also, for using rendered images for story, I think it's smart. Making animations for story would be really hard, but posing the models & taking renders/screens is easy. Instead of not having a story, you came up with a simple, but clever method that's not normally used in high budget games. Really cool!

7-zip & PeaZip are free & open source unlike Winrar.

Normally when it comes to paid Assets on, you can use the assets in commercial games.

Paid assets which you can't use in commercial games are usually rare & the description usually states it if that's the case.

Not sure about Youtube, though.

My guess would be because has a donation based system which allows for people to pay what they want while Oculus & Steam don't have this option. Also, Steam charges 100$ to publish a game IIRC.

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For the LowPoly tag. Low-poly is used on a lot lot more often than lowpoly.  9,679 results

vs with 133 results

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You might want to add the following  tags to the game so it shows up when some one searches for the tag.

This game's as if the darknet or something. I wasn't able to find it before. I finally decided to search for all games with the Virtual Reality (VR) tag and finally found it.

The Oculus Quest tag. The Oculus Quest input method. For people looking for Oculus Quest games.

The Archery tag so it shows up for people searching for Archery games.

The Low-Poly tag for people looking for Low-Poly style games.

I would've made it Archery based.

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A VRGK game in the wild.

It was the guns that gave it away BTW.

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Your game isn't showing up in

That was the page that showed up in Duckduckgo search for Oculus Quest Roguelike games. Roguelike games Quest search on DuckDuckGo

Edit: Figured out why. You didn't add Oculus Quest input support. You only added the `Oculus Quest` tag and not the `Oculus Quest` input method.

You might want to add that if you want Search Engine result page of to show your game. I don't know how you'd go about adding the input method though.

You should also add FPS tag. I usually search for FPS games using the FPS tag on & your game wouldn't show up on that too.

You might also want to add Android as a target platform, but not everyone does that & many cause confusion with the FlatScreen Android gamers, but it'll tell Quest users that this game has a native Quest .apk and not (just) a Oculus Link .exe.


> add the Oculus Quest Input method if you want your game to show up in Google, DDG searches for Oculus Quest Roguelike games

> add the FPS tag for people looking for Quest FPSs

> Might want to add the Android tag to make it known that this has a native Quest .apk

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The only good free Archery game for Quest. And even the paid ones IMHO.

The art looks beautiful and surreal.

The bow feel & force curve is really good. Sniping enemies at a long distance comes naturally. What I'm saying is that the strength at which the arrows are released at different draw distances is well tuned.

The puzzles are also good.

I so hope the dev makes more VR games in this style. Or maybe a full version of this archery game.

VR is lacking good archery games IMHO. I am a huge fan of archery in VR and hate guns in VR with passion(For one aiming guns without slow and visible projectiles is next to impossible fore me).

Not many games on Quest have this surreal type art style which I happen to love.

I would definitely pay for a full version of this game and I think others will to.

Now that we have AppLab on Oculus Quest every dev can publish their game without Oculus Quality control judging your game like they used to in the past, please consider making this into a full game.

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Try to embed the video instead of just pasting the link. There is a Youtube icon when editing or typing a comment.

Like this!

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An instructor on Udemy used this model for the Player Character for his 3d Platformer tutorial.

Also, this might be your best model yet. Hope to see more in this style.

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Please change the tag to Oculus Quest instead of oculusquest

Oculus Quest or Oculus-Quest tag is used by most devs for Oculus Quest games, not oculusquest.

In the following links you can verify that.

Oculus Quest tag games and tools

oculusquest tag games and tools

Only one tool and one game and the tool is your app.

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I noticed you added the bow & quest tags.

Quest tag is not used for Oculus Quest games. Usually the Oculus Quest tag is used IIRC. quest tag seems to be used for RPGs with quests etc.

Also I recommend adding the Archery  instead of the bow tag. Archery comes up in suggestion when you type the first few letters, but bow doesn't. That means bow tag is not used or searched for often enough.

Can you please add the Archery tag.

Impossible to play for me.

The bow is not socketed to the hand. You can hold the bow from any place and it's really hard to hold it the right way.

The client says that the game is hosted on an incompatible third party platform and therefore can't install the game.

Please host the game on directly.

But it doesn't have the Oculus Quest tag and input tag.

So, it's confusing.

It also says HTC Vive and Rift. If that's the case why does it say Android?

Any update on this?

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Please make a Unity Editor Tool version of this. I think it'd sell very well on the Asset store since IIRC there isn't another Low-Poly tree generator on Unity Asset Store. Vegetation Studio and other shader makers(for animating vegetation. They have integration with Synty's Nature pack for example) will create integrations for this asset if you put it on the Store. Also the option to create low-poly trees inside Unity would be awesome.

Also, runtime generation of trees with some variation or randomness or uniqueness in Unity is an interesting idea to consider.

I'd like to know your opinion on this. Are you considering making a Unity Asset Store port? Or do you think it's not worth it? Or something else.

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Try running it with Wine. Might work on it. Not every WIndows software works on Linux and Mac with Wine, but a lot of them run just fine. Wine has been getting better and better, especially after Steam made their own fork of it called Proton.

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You can use the AppLab link given by dev, but for other games only on and SideQuest, SideQuest now has an android app which allows you to connect your Android phone with the Quest if you have the right cable.

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Here's an example screenshot of a 3d model to 2d spritesheet side-by-side the normal map spritesheet.

Does it have normal map Sprite Sheet generation along with rendered Sprite Sheet.

If not, it should have it.

Look at Dead Cells for example. I think they use Unlit shader to render sprites combined with normal map render of the same sprites.

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Have played the demo and I have to say that the lighting seems to be well done.

Played the game. Didn't have too big of a problem with the polygon style blood effects most of the time(it was a bit uncomfortable, but I could put up with it), but some times, there is too much blood and it's a bit more uncomfortable. I think this happens during headshots, but not sure.

I also recommend adding the Low Poly, and FPS tags.

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I have a phobia of blood. Hemophobia, it's called, I think.

Edit: Makes the doctors visit a lot harder. But it's an evolutionary survival mechanism according to evolutionary psychology, I guess.

Does the game have an option to turn the blood green or disable the gore. If not I hope you add the feature.
The game looks good with the Low-Poly style art, but there is too much gore in the gameplay video.

Any update? Am curious.

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  1. For enemies to shoot at, you want to look at third part AI assets. Making a crappy AI with limited time and resources would not be good use of a VR framework dev's time. Making sure your frameworks weapons support damaging and taking damage from third party asset AIs, however, IMHO is a good use of time. And VRIF already has damage integration with Emrald AI and Invector's FSM AI. So, BNG has that covered.
  2. Yep, I agree with the Melee combat system part. I think stabbing/puncturing should be implemented. As for Melee combat with AI, integrations for Melee interactions with third party AI like Invector FSM AI would be nice
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My bad, it seems I've been mistaking my Quest 1's low 72FPS refresh rate which causes me nausea as low FPS due to the game all along. My money's wasted on the damn thing. I can't play it because of the nausea. This doesn't happen with my 90FPS HTC Vive. I can play games perfectly fine on my Vive without nausea.

Moral of the story: Don't get a Quest 1 even if it's like 100$ or 50$.

Though I had to pay 650$ because of tax to get this junky Quest 1.