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This is brilliant :D I hope you're still planning to add more levels! How cool would an android/iphone version be, with a little gameboy style digital gamepad on the bottom half of the screen.

Oh brilliant :D Thanks very much!

Hi everyone!

Last night I put live the page for my game Woodfel. It's a sandbox, multiplayer crafting game which is in a pre-early access stage. I'm hoping to build a bit of a community for the game while I continue to develop it and bring it to a proper early access launch.

You can already download the game for PC & macOS from the page here:

Later on the game will become a paid title, but it's going to be free until it's in a much more complete state.

Currently it's very unbalanced and has no tutorial to ease players in yet, but many of the games features are up and running and there are plenty of things to craft and build. You can dig around the whole world and explore to see what's around :D

I would love to know what people think of the game, and if people have any suggestions for content or systems! Please download it and give it a try :D Thanks!

- L3ftybot