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Sorry I was very busy over the week. I'll check it out today and see what I come up with. Will reply with an update soon.

I'm not sure what would cause this. Does the model work okay with mouse tracking?


Is it only with that game? Or every game

Probably not

I took a look at your save data and everything seems alright. It all works fine on my computer. 

Are you using the 64-bit version? If you accidentally downloaded the 32-bit version at some point that may be messing it up, unsure. The 32bit version folder is called "vTuber Kit version (32Bit)" so just double check that. 

Another possibility could be maybe the custom images got erased? open that folder again where you got the save data, then go into the CustomImages folder and make sure you have images with all of these highlighted names. (ignore the fumos)

If neither of those things helps, can you send me a video of you showing all the issues? Like a minute or so recording of the glitches so I can better understand. I may have to try sending you a special build with error logging or something to figure it out. But all your save data seems okay from what I can see.

Hello! Can you please send me your save date file so I can look into what's causing this?

Go to the gear menu, scroll down to "open save data" and then in the folder that opens, send me the savedata.uwu file (I forget the exact name). Don't send it here unless you remove your twitch info first. You can email it to me at

Late reply, it's pretty dead for now. But I'm always working behind the scenes. Just not much to talk about regarding this series in particular.

Hey, sorry but it's not coming back to mobile. The code is unfortunately all written in an outdated language making it impossible for me to update it to current-day Google standards. 

I know Lily's Night Off is also missing from mobile stores. I will try and restore that one soon, it should be possible. But LDO is out of luck for mobile. At least until I decide to completely rewrite all the scripts one day.

Hmm, it looks like an issue with your webcam not picking up your face at certain angles maybe. Does the same thing happen if you use the app at that angle without games running? 

One messy solution might be to go into the face tracking settings and try turning off the "fall asleep when tracking lost" option and see if that helps. If it does, you may want to try manually setting the FPS in vtuber kit on the Gear tab to something like 60fps. And then try re-enabling the fall asleep option. That may make a difference.

Let me know what you find out, it'll help me with making my next update for the app!

Thank you!!

I'm working on adding a more in-depth backup save system so this won't happen in the future. It'll be in the next version.

That looks great!

Make sure the oauth key is correct. It might be worth it to just redo the oauth key tbh and then restart vtuberkit and see if it works. make sure you copy the whole key, it will start with "oauth:" and then a bunch of numbers. you can find the website to get the key by hovering over the oauth box in the app and goign to the website in the tooltip.

I'll see what I can do!

Without a doubt the greatest Lily's ___ Off fangame ever made. I really enjoyed it. loved the art and the insane dialogue made me laugh out loud multiple times. Great work!

Howdy!! Yeah, there is a way. Once you've attached the object, you can adjust the Z value near the top of the customization panel. You might have to adjust it kinda far, like you can try setting it to 50 (or -50, I forget) and that should show results.

You're right, seems that the toggle isn't working. I'll fix it in the next update!

Thanks for your suggestions, I'll take them into account for the future.

Hello, open file explorer, enter"%appdata%" and hit enter. go up one folder level so you're in the appdata folder. Then in one of those "local" folders will be a kyuppin folder. Find that folder and in there is a savedata.uwu backup file. Try renaming that to the regular save data file's name and reopening vtuber kit. But if you've reopened vtuber kit multiple times already, the original save data is most likely gone. I'll have to add an additional backup system or a way to export save files. Sorry about that, I'm not sure what could have caused it and don't think anyone else has reported it.

If there are clothing items that are a solid color, I can add in the changes however you want, if you give me examples. Since there's no reason not to add a secondary color to them. Otherwise, it'd be a hassle, but I can potentially add a duplicate of the clothing with different color options but I'd rather not have to do that.

I don't know how much more hair types will be added. But you can now add custom jiggle objects if you want to try drawing your own hair and importing it. And I do plan to add more eye types in the future but you can also attach custom lashes using the customization panel.

For game capture in OBS, it should work just fine. You may have to mess with the settings in OBS to get it to capture correctly, liek the color or transparency options in the game capture properties.

As battlesheepy said, you can now do this with the custom jiggle items. Import your own hair, pin them to existing hair, and then check the box to turn off the original sprite. It's not going to be perfect but it works well enough. Unfortunately with the way the program is set up, that's the best we'll probably get.


It seems like the window size is set to 0. Try holding the windows key and pressing the up arrow, that might set it back to fullscreen.

If not, you may have to edit the registry. Close the program, open your windows search and type "regedit.exe". In registry editor, do a search for "kyuppin", and in the kyuppin folder should be a vTuber Kit folder. In there will be some variables, two of which are screen width/height. Try setting those to something like 1280x720. Then run vtuber kit.

If it works, go into the gear menu and click one of the resolution buttons to make sure it sticks.

No, it's not possible. All tracking in vtuber kit is self contained and doesn't take any data from other programs and I have no plans to support vBridger.

Sure, I'll try and add some additional options to the wildcard next update.

Check the older forum posts. It always seems to clear itself up within a couple days. I'm not sure why. It could be your antivirus blocking something, could be a random USB issue with needing to unplug and replug in the webcam. I don't think we ever figured it out. But anyone who had the issue had it resolved on its own after a while. Sorry I can't help more.

vTuber Kit community · Created a new topic 32 Bit Download

This is a separate download for 32-Bit computers. If you aren't sure if your PC is 32-bit, just download the regular download on the main page.

Okay good news, the Unity virtual camera plugin was updated and fixed. I added it back into vtuber kit and added options for green screening so it works with VDO Ninja, all tested and good to go. I'll probably push a small update in the next couple days for this.

I think for this to work, vTuber Kit would need a virtual camera option. It used to have one, but I removed it because it was causing crashes for lots of people due to an issue with Nvidia drivers. It looks like the virtual camera project files I was using may have been updated though so I may look into adding it back in, but the chances are low. If I do, I'll respond back here. Sorry for the late reply, Mel! You should @ me on Twitter if I forget to look at this forum for too long lol

Hello! There are currently male hairstyles. I may be adding a few more, but I think it's probably the best it's gonna get for now. Beards and hats can be added to some extent by using the custom images feature and attaching your own PNGs to the model. Try going to the Customization Panel (the Star icon) in the top-right and reading the instructions there to get started.

It's possible but I don't think it's something I'll prioritize at the moment.

It'd help if you could record a video and show your settings. Maybe try turning up the smoothing option. There's also an option to turn off blinking, maybe that would help. Not really sure what might be causing this.

No, laptop webcams should work fine. It's just the program being finnicky. Sorry I don't have an actual solution to this.

Does it fix itself if you turn off the auto sleep feature in the X/Y tab?

If so, I guess I'll have to allow users to set the amount of time it takes to trigger the auto-sleep function and that should solve the issue for good.

When you have a chance to test it, let me know how it works. If it's stable, I'll continue to release a 32 bit version in the future. Thanks!

Check some of the other replies in this forum for this issue. It usually resolves itself after resetting your pc a couple times, unplugging and replugging random USB things, or running as administrator. There's no simple fix for this one, it kinda seems to fix itself and then the issue goes away forever lol. Sorry I can't be more help with this one