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Can't right now, i didn't finish in time and its in an unplayable state. The only interaction working is when you click on the main ship when you have its command the circle to display its selection appear.

I have a new payable version but I have to wait for the end of the voting phase to update it.

For your screenshot it would be better to use snipping tool that way you can avoid having your taskbar in. Press the window key bottom left (between ctrl and shift) of your keyboard and type snipping all windows have it.

Quick fun game. Problem i've face multiple time is spawning in wall or enemy and even spawning directly on goal also for the sound i'm wearing an headset and it only plays on the left ear until I get close to the portal then i hear on both side.  

Game seems to have potential, id suggest adding an attack move exemple in starcraft ,command and conquer, etc when you press "A" before the right click and enemy will auto attack what is in range in their path. Did you made the assets yourself? When a building explode there's a lag spike. Im also working on a small rts project so its nice to see something like wise here.

Très bon petit jeu je vois beaucoup de potentiel dans ce concept. La musique me fait penser à Tron

Concept intéressant, j'ai vue un bug parcontre ou un cube rouge a produit un expention hors de la map

Nice game, a bit too easy tough. The concept is great and since time is running out at beginning it forces the player to make quick decision. But after that start, it becomes extremely easy.

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Holla, j'ai télécharge et je n'ai pas vue de lobby pour connection et il n'y pas de singleplayer pour jouer seul. Aussi peut-être au minimum ajouter un bouton retour pour retourner au menu principal quand on va sur la scene des options. Sinon ça oblige le joueur a ferme le jeu et le réouvrir.

Edit, aussi tutoriel devrait être un petit gameplay qui montre comment jouer et pas du texte. Peut-être renommer le txt du boutton a instruction.

I believe this could help you,
Id suggest removing the exit button in the browser version since it crash the game. Maybe just deactivate it in the hierarchy when building the webgl in unity. Keep it up, it has potential.

Really like the concept.

Sweet game sweet concept, problem i found is in the level going down the asteroid are not showing so i kept crashing on nothing and i dind't manage to pass the level.

Sweet puzzle game