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Yes, of course! Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for letting me know about your project, it sounds amazing. Congratulations for the great work. <3

Hi Stephan. Thanks for the feedback. 

All our free assets apply under CC 4.0 license. A license file has been added to the download section of our assets and mentioned on their respective pages.

Kyrise's Free Voxel Winter Environment Pack Low Poly © 2021 by Kyrise is licensed under CC BY 4.0 


Hey fifthone. When I saw it it was already down, but thanks for letting me know about it. My sprites are under the CC4.0 license, this allows anyone to modify and commercialize the sprites in any way they want. However, it needs to provide credit to the author. I'll keep an eye on this artist's profile. :)

Hey Kato, thank you. Really glad you liked! I hope to bring new updates soon!

Hey Louis, thank you. Really glad you liked! I hope to bring new updates soon!

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Hey Razor, thank you, really glad you liked! Would love to see more about your projects in the future. I hope to bring new updates soon!

Hey Sam, thank you, really glad you liked! I hope to bring new updates soon!

Hey Jelaw21, loved your project. Unfortunately I don't have any other pixel assets to help you, but I know a free to use asset package that may be useful, developed for Intersect, an open source 2D MMORPG Engine. These assets was made by the community and can be used in any other engine, check this link

I wish you success in your project, and would love to see your project again in the future :) Check my profile in the Ascension Game Dev forum and feel free to contact me

Hey Gyorn! I'm so glad, great work <3


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All the content I created and posted is free to use and all the money I get is from donations that helps me a lot. Now to keep receiving donations throug I need a PayPal business account? This is so bad. 

To create a business account in PayPal Brazil I need a CNPJ (National Registry of Legal Entities), a code that can only be obtained by registering a company, that includes paying fixed taxes and fees based on the company's profit to the government.  Everyone knows that brazilian fees and taxes are one of the most expensive in the world. I already pay high fees to PayPal (for each U$ 1,00 donated I only receive ~ U$ 0,60), and adding a company's costs to this earning makes everything inviable. This change is a huge impact for me and other brazilian creators.

Thank you! ;D

Sim :)

Hey Copper, thanks. 

 I'm Gabriel Nascimento, but you can refer me as Kyrise. It's my nickname in almost every game and it's how they know me in the game communities and forums.

I wish you success in your project, and don't forget to shout me when your project is complete, I'll love to see your work! :)

Hi, thank you ^^ I've just created a new palette for this pack using some bright colors with a little grey scale:

Hey, thanks for the love! And yes, you are totally free to use these sprites for commercial and non-commercial projects (You can read the full license terms HERE). 

Make sure to shout me wen your project is complete, would love to see your game <3

These assets are absolutely beautiful, really well made ^^

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Thank you <3 I'm really glad that you enjoyed ^^

I'm really glad u like ^^