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Amazingly well done. I played a few times, revived some unmarkeds, but couldn't find a way to survive. One of the best of the jam.

One of the best. Love the style and the music. Couldn't beat it!

So good. Beautiful and sends a powerful message.

It's like real life. Makes a good point.

7,000 followers! Great job.

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I worked up a character model today as I was sketching out a design idea I've had.

I'm looking to create a game with a core mechanic like Simon Says or Bop It, in which the player responds to commands. Simple enough, but I'm looking to incorporate a marionette/puppet-show aesthetic with some physics foolery á la Surgeon Simulator. I'd really like to team up with a good programmer with an eye for UX to help work through the interface and player feedback.

@Jarcas—I've used a plugin or two for certain styles, but for the most part it's a mesh generated from Qubicle. I've had my eye on another Unity voxel plugin, but I probably won't play with that until after the jam.

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Anyone looking to create a funny, borderline-nonsensical game with tight gameplay? I'd like to party up and contribute some colorful voxel art. Check it: @kylereinfeld

I've also got a generalist skill set—I'm comfortable programming gameplay in Unity (C#); I make toe-tappin' music; I write and perform dialogue (poorly, but charmingly) ... you name it.

Here's the first game I ever made (three years ago, now!): Hey Aliens! Get off My Gram Gram! (Or watch a let's play video of it here.)

Holla at me here on #BlessUp and things of that nature.