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This is a great little game! It's very reminiscent of a board game my family plays a lot called "Latice Hawaii"

How exactly is this AI?

Ah, someone has played Antichamber!

Definitely crank that default camera sensitivity waaaaaay down. I doubt anyone will ever need the current default to begin with, let alone any higher. Otherwise, cute little engine test, I look forward to seeing more

Cute game, I do love me a good roguelike!

The only thing I have to say so far is that either the dodge window needs to be a minimum distance away from the bars starting point, or the bar needs to go back and forth. As it currently stands, the dodge can start right next to the bar and you're given a fraction of a second to see it, recognize it, and react to it.

Much like in real life, Egypt is rarely cold.

My only recommendation here would be to make the speedups compounding rather than additive. Otherwise, eventually, each one will become a small drop in an ever increasing ocean 

Well that was, very simply, incredible. The basis for the game (sum/product of rows/columns) isn't new, but I have yet to see a computer game of it, personally. And this was very cleanly done without overwhelming the user (okay, the multiplication sums get quite high, but other than that). Definitely appreciate the locking numbers and rows feature, as well as, of course, dark mode. Very well done, has been added to my favourites.

I'd really love to give this game a 10/10 because it's very well made and, while it leaves you with relatively little instruction, it's definitely doable. I think. Unfortunately, I simply cannot give this game a fair review as I am unable to complete it due to a crash causing the game to softlock itself, preventing me from being able to load the game post-crash. That aside, still a truly amazing puzzle game as far as I can tell

Impossible to pass the first fly...

Just a liiiiiiiiittle too easy to break the game and get infinite score... Cute game otherwise!

Rather fascinating game, the only thing I'd change is make it so that you can't spawn in a trapped room, as that leads to an immediate loss. Otherwise, clever idea!

Enjoying spamming the comments?

I had already unlocked everything already, but when you get a high enough multiplier for just about anything, it sets all the values to NaNeInfinity and you can't buy anything anymore

NaNeInfinity :D

Very well built little platformer! I would of course recommend some end screen for when you finish the last level, as I was worried I had crashed the game at first. Otherwise very good!

I gotta tell ya, this is unequivocally the creepiest version of Pacman. Kudos

Slight problem when in character creation. If you press H while typing a name, it pulls up the autoloot menu. When you go back, you're softlocked in character creation

Cute little game, very reminiscent of "Worlds Hardest Game". I would warn though that anyone who has a touchscreen or drawing tablet can just tap the end and win immediately.


Very very reminiscent of classic Roblox tycoon servers, which were by far and above my personal favourite type of server on that game. Thoroughly enjoyed it even if it's quite small right now, brought back a lot of nostalgia. Hope to see this grow!!

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I looked up the translation of "Malpertuus" (I won't spoil it tho :P). The game's about alcoholism, right? How you just kind of stumble upon it, but the more you find it, the more it finds you, until it's eventually inescapable.

At least, that's what I've interpreted it as. Please let me know if I'm close!


Stage 14 is completely broken. I can't activate anything, lights do nothing, and the exit doesn't progress the game.

I'm always in favour of idle/clicker games, especially if they're relatively short but still entertaining. The only change I'd make is to adjust the prices of some of the upgrades.  As it currently stands, it's cheaper to just buy the first upgrade hundreds of times than to actually buy any of the more expensive ones. Other than that though, it's functional and pretty clean, which is more than can be said for some games on itch.


Right from the get-go, game is entirely impossible. Output demand skyrocketed right alongside the safety requirement, before I could even make $100.




Bruh. Devs... I've gone through the entire alphabet SO MANY TIMES and filled up SO MANY SPACES. DOES THE LETTER B JUST NOT EXIST?!?

I think that's a pretty good score

So uh, this is a cute game and all (haven't finished it quite yet), but the story messages and whatnot definitely need to not happen mid game and essentially screw you out of a win and your points.

What an incredible idea for a puzzle game. I gotta say, there were a couple of levels that stumped me at first, but in the end, this truly was a very clever game with some interesting solutions! Very simplistic, but still challenging enough to make you feel accomplished when you complete it. I made an Itch account just to comment lol. Very good, would love to see more in the future, but still satisfied with this game.