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uh... i think you should change Procedural Low-Poly  House to Modular Low-poly house


you are welcome! :)

if you made 4 a deathstar, it would be cool. Maybe for a lava planet? ( May the 4th be with you)

Here is the link. If you want me to add anything please let me know

Also, I am going to post this on my 2d asset acount

ok! Thanks

Would I be allowed to take some random planets that I think look cool and upload them as a free asset pack and credit you completely? I understand if you say no. 

how tf is this so low on the itch free page? This is so good!

This is extremely helpful in the RPG game i am making! Thanks :)


Will you be making this available on mac in the future?

Ok, Thanks!

Also, do you code? Or do you use visual scripting? I find C# pretty hard to learn, so I was thinking of using visual scripting.

My favorite one is definitely Gekkou!

What tool did you use to make the art for this? IT IS STUNNING!

In this pack, are there tree/grass animations? Like cutting down the tree and wind? 

Lol. I have a switch and am typing this on an 2.4 ghz dual core apu. 

What is the difference between the snapshot and the non-snapshot?

You should click on the question mark button in the left corner and follow its direction.

Also, I have a question. What software do you use to make these tilesets?

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Your welcome!

Also, I would be glad to give some feedback on the Godot version

Also, Ik this is insanely late,  but you might want to turn filtering off. I use Godot, so I wouldn't really know about Unity, but I presume that Unity has this option as well.

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Ok thx for letting me know! :)

I was wondering if you were planing on making any sprites in the future in this style? btw your art is incredible!