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I really liked the courses described in here, and the reluctance to use a fireball spell because of its cost even during life or death was a cool concept to introduce. Mia and Cren are adorable. The game felt almost like a quick therapy session, asking 'how does this make you feel' during a metaphor you already know relates to your experiences in real life. Nice work.

I love the color scheme and character designs, and the voice lines help a lot with getting a sense of who everyone is quickly! I wish there was a way to reset the fight when you know that it's not going to work out this time. Very cute game, Andres got to see his family again!

What a beautiful game, with a kind of ominous undertone. Especially as you run out of time and the background fades off, then the the blob's details, it's kind of creepy in a good way. The music is really relaxing and I could feel myself zoning out as I moved it around, that was nice.

Sometimes when I was on a roll I'd line up words that were upside down and it'd be great if the text flipped to right-side-up when it does that 'you did it' outlined text version just so I can read the message and try to connect what they all have in common.I did notice toward the end that there was a hidden sidebar with all the words you found but that took me a bit to notice

OH because the bag is empty now! Way too cute, deceptively simple, I like how much they enjoy floating up when their bag is empty too. Good premise as long as the hero doesn't come across them, nice work!

Ohh! I tried wood+cloth but I bet I didn't get close enough

Wow that intro was a ride. Just the music switch alone, and the color scheme changing so drastically. 1,000 people is SO FEW. I spent my water ration before I knew it's value! Lots of great tone setting. The guide in the control panel mentions colonies going 'hostile or extinct' before you do anything. Again in the control panels when I saw you can turn off your own oxygen purifier, oh no.  I think I know where this is going.

It'd be useful to have a clear marker on the on/off switches for the different functions you can toggle, when I only saw a green menu I didn't know it'd turn the item off until I pressed it and considering the gravity of the labels it made it feel a little silly that I had to experiment to figure out if I was choking out my people or not! I like that you can choose to decrease your resources, I'm running around in complete darkness with this creepy music and it gets the point across with sacrifices and such. Also Sofie's art is adorable.

The only issue I ran into is that turned off all my lights before seeing Sofie the second time, and it was frustrating to see energy was so low when you check the panel again it didn't look like it was taking lights out into account. I know it was weird to turn it off before we needed to but the game was emphasizing energy is important! Then I couldn't turn off lights like I was supposed to once the computer was saying energy is low :(

Also when the computer started recommending low-energy past-times? Old commercials and such, nice touch. I liked that there were multiple endings. Nice work everybody :)

Very cute art, I like that I just start the game as a capybara with sad pensive music in the background. It made me ask questions right away, like why my capy was in a cave and why the music was a little sad already. The game has a very dreamy, relaxing feel to it. When I got to the top of the hill there were so many capybara! I think I missed how the crafting works though, I gave items to cabybara and tried to mix a few things with the same guy and nothing seemed to happen. I liked finding the four overlooking the cliffside, I felt like I had story that I needed to figure out just like when I started playing.

DUDE, dude, making money and getting to keep it after student loads is the mysterious dungeon of LIFE. I love this premise. The adventurers have great speeches about their lives. Like, in their three minute stay I learned so much about Talia of the Wasted from their denial about how they handle alcohol to how their body is marked up and they want to do the same to other people.

Some things I ran into: it wasn't clear to me for a little bit at the start that customers would keep rolling in and out of my pen, once I got that the game pattern made sense to me. I like all the recipes, but the recipe book is a little hard to read the typeface could be bigger in most cases through the game. Also in the recipe book the words are white on a light background, I started just guessing what it says based on the pictures. Last thing, I really appreciate that the customer spells out on the left what their recipe requires and it'd be nice if it also had a slot that mentioned which station the recipe needs to be performed. I made two Jumprope Whips trying to make some Heavy Gauntlets at the Tannery (I figured since there was leather in the recipe?) before finding the recipe book for the first time and seeing that it was under the Blacksmith category. I want a phantom hover hoover pony smart car so I can sleep while traveling like the zz wizard! Maybe that's an ultimate recipe for later.

Uh, question, why does anyone need a bendy coat hanger? bahaha! I like the ballad of the nutcracker too, there were a lot of really cute items you could make. Nice work, team!

This was SO CUTE. I love that there are riddles for ingredients too. I can't believe we had to use the same blade to cut all that food- so unsanitary! Makes everything taste like iron.

I really like this concept! So creepy

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Maybe I can help with that next jam ^^ I do interface design

aw maan :< button didnt work

Super cute! It was useful to know the ESDF movements, maybe if that was at the start of the game too it'd help get more people to play!

Nice work! Very ominous and the sound effects helped a lot. I replayed a couple of times to see if I could find an alternate ending for my person..

This is WAY too cute. The dialogue is a highlight for me, I also think the art is super cute and the music is catchy. Super nice work!

The art is so cute and creepy! I didn't understand when I was running out of time the first round I played, the second round I finally noticed the demons eye was starting to open more. Creepy once I noticed it!

This looks RIGHT up my lane I am SO excited to play it!