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if i download V7 now is my progress reset?

may i please personaly thank you for adding the global cursor, i feel like i wasn't the only one who asked for this but thanks for the addition

(i love this game)

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it would've been interesting if she smashed the train as you left.

but otherwise, this is a good game. ive been trying to get into the horror genre and this is a good start

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id like to recommend something, a booster tower, what it does is boost the atk and dmg of all towers in a 9 block radius. it costs energy to build (like the screws and gears). it could also boost the knockback of the wrench while in range

so i did try the game with a controller to get a feel for those players and i understand why there isn't a mouse cursor reticle, thing but then i have something else (no im not being stubborn) maybe a toggleable line scope sight type thing, so that is assessable for both types

(plase dont hate me)


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i have only one problem with this, the reticle doesn't connect to the mouse, it follows but its not on top of the mouse pointer

this game is broken

holy crap i haven't even played it yet and I'm in love with it

i cant open the downloaded version

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round 72 and counting

edit: round 109 because i was stupid and made the system go offline

edit: round 167


its five that is hard

what im asking is to make a low detail mode so that horrible slow computers can run it

electric and water storage

i beat the entire game with a controller ( its easier ) 

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one problem... im not seeing a red sixit file, or a sixit file in general

err... sorry im an idiot and realized what sixit was

how do i play the game (im an idiot)


thats it? its so good

i did it 5 times


i f*** hate you


is this just a build game?

 can someone give a good list of strategy games?

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i have two lines of lazers  and one line of mk2 repair turrets, and every time i see enemies i say "erase them" witch they do


**edit** 90 new high-score

so you just coded super hexagon

its super hot

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do i need an emulatortor play this?

i like controller games

and sometimes you cant beat a lvl

we duel at dawn

ya i figured that out

ok then

how dumb am i for not knowing how to launch a downloaded game?

make a full release but make it so that its like a full-on metroidvania and you can only carry a set amount of tiles

what do you mean

im just going to say that  my computer is old and cant even run tf2, but it can run this game(barely) so... you might need to sweep your pc

i have to put the screen size to 75% to fit the game

this is the first time ive seen something remotely close to what i asked, im just going to say nothing like an idea going into a game has ever happend to me