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wow, such a fun speedy platformer :D I love all the unique game mechanics each area has and it plays so smooth and speedy :> Visuals and music are also really great! I think this is now one of my favourite Game Boy games! :)

I think I found two bugs though:

  1. in the FUNZ level, the coins I collect are always added to my last high score. So I get a new high score every time and I'm now at 127 points :P
  2. This is really minor, but you can't switch from level 14 to 16 in one go. To get from lvl 14 to 16 you need press right and then up. If you don't let go of the D-Pad in lvl 15 you will somehow move back to lvl 14 despite not even pressing left..

Since I just 100% this two times in a row I'd really like to speedrun this now xD oh, a built in speedrun mode would be a nice feature! :P

ah, now I understand why this is intended behaviour, thanks for explaining :)

I still think there should be a warning before files are overwritten though. At least to me the intended behaviour wasn't intuitive. (you could also add a "don't ask again" checkbox to the warning message)

Cheers, have a nice weekend :)

no, I didn't loose anything, I was just testing ;)

Great, thanks for the quick fix :)

I don't really understand how you treat my entered file name though. Why don't just take the name exactly as the user entered it and append your suffix (e.g. _map_XX.EXT). It shouldn't matter what the user chose as a file name.

But well, it's not really that important, your fix should be sufficient :)

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Finally had some time to test your new release. Reordering the maps works fine. It's really neat that the Icon changes while pressing shift :)

When saving as a series of separate images there's a little bug: a number at the end of the file name is ignored. This caused me to overwrite some images. Here's what I did:

  • Loaded an image and 7 maps
  • Saved as separate images and typed "BeepBoop" as filename
  • BeepBoop01.png to BeepBoop07.png was created
  • Loaded a different image
  • tried to save as separate images again and typed "BeepBoop2" as filename
  • my previous pictures were overwritten without warning (even without this bug, I think a warning would be nice when files with the same name already exist)

And another bug: the tool crashes when I abort the save palette file dialogue. (The save button at the bottom left)

I'm really happy with these two new features, makes my scripted solution kind of obsolete I think, thank you :)

ah, thanks for the arrow button explanation. I only worked with 4 colors so far ;)

about the reordering idea, I really explained it a bit confusing. But I think you got it exactly right. Changing the map order would also change the order of appearance of the preview pictures on the right that have the maps applied. This is really what this is about. It would allow me compare output images with similar mappings / map palettes applied more easily. (One implementation idea would be via drag 'n drop, by dragging and dropping the output images.)

>> It would be great if instead of saving one big output picture, I had the option to save individual pictures for every palette in my project.
> Another great idea.  I had only just recently added the ability to select between stacking the maps vertically or horizontally in the output picture.  I'll work on adding a third mode for saving them a series of separate images.

That's great! :) Since your tool also supports CLI mode, I already created a little PowerShell Script that creates separate images, but having this in the UI would be more comfortable :)

> What you'd want would be paths that are relative to the project file, right?

Exactly. Maybe the user could decide if he wants relative or absolute paths. Ideally the save dialogue would have a little checkbox for this. But I don't know if that's easily possible to add. This was just a minor idea though, since editing the text file is always possible, as you said ;)

About fitting more maps in the preview area: you're right, it depends very much on zoom and the source image dimensions if this is useful. But I don't think any smart logic would be necessary to determine a layout of the preview images. I'd be happy if I was able to edit the amount of vertical preview columns manually and this would keep things simple I think :)

Thanks for considering my feedback! I'll be eager to test any updates you release :)

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Thank you for creating this handy tool! <3 Really makes it easy to apply different palettes to my GameBoy Camera pictures :)

What do the arrow buttons do? There are left/right buttons below the "Image" label and up/down buttons below the "Palette" label. They seemed to do nothing when I clicked them.

And I'll just leave a few feature ideas here, although some of them are maybe only useful for my specific use case ;)

  • being able to change the palette order would be nice. I imported a whole bunch of palettes and would have liked to rearrange them afterwards in order to put similar palettes next to each other.
  • I would have liked to set names for my palette mappings. The default name could be the palette's filename (without extension)
  • It would be great if instead of saving one big output picture, I had the option to save individual pictures for every palette in my project. The output filename could be "original-filename_palette-name.png".
  • if relative paths in the project file were used it would be more portable. (I have saved the project file in the same folder as my images).
  • on the right side all the images are in one vertical column. I imported 14 palettes and have to scroll up and down a lot. But there is a lot of unused space available that could be used to show all the images in multiple vertical columns

Kind regards! :)