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Hi, this jam was awesome and i was having great time but i just found out that i have been receiving worst notes in "adherence to restrictions" category. Can you tell me what is wrong with that? I have clearly no idea, and i would love to improve on that side....

My game link:

Actually i am sending data from computer to serial port on Arduino Nano whith each frame: its incredibly slow process so game has like 2 fps :) i am currently planning to create straight forward connection via USB cable which should result in smooth FPS

Thanks! Glad you liked it :)

Unfortunately i am not able to go progress... "5" button is not working... Am i doing something wrong?

PS <3 LOVE2D <3

Also: was it done with LOVE2d?

This is the kind of the game i was hoping to see! art is great, sounds does not fit the "nokia style", although its great. I am having problems in map navigation, but art is great and if time reverses i would love to play it on NOKIA :)

I felt  some disconnection between two diffrent parts of the game( i understand thats its because of the theme :) ). Sokoban was really well executed thou :)

Really cute, i think only thing that could be benefitial to game would be more "character" added to each level(like dungoun, castle, grasslands, smth...) it could became really Zelda-like :)

Puzzle are really polished but i think that the game lacks more descriptive graphic, its really hard to get what is going on. Maybe some other effects on special blocks would be helpful. Also some intro screen would be great. Apart from that really nice game :)


We've managed to display our game on original Nokia 3310 screen (ok, it's actually Nokia 5110, but the only difference is the backlight color) with Arduino.


Check out whole game here:

Map is really big and hard to navigate because of that, gameflow is running really smoothly apart from that and it was a pleasure :)

not even a scratch...

Cool game, it was hard to understand what is going on at first :)

a little short, but cute :)

It worked! Thank you very much!

Great! Here is link: to my game. I couldn't make proper html build earlier, and forgot about due time for 10 minutes

I know i can't im just so angry for myself....

As in topic i'm late, is there any way to submit it now?

Is it possible for people not from US to participate in this jam online?

Sure, gonna do it i next few hours