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Thank you for the kind words <3 That is definitely the first thing we're going to tackle. We shorted ourselves on time, so once the Jam voting session is up we'll be working towards polishing the game for another release. Thanks again for your time and consideration <3

Hey thanks for taking the time to play, and comment! That is definitely some solid advice, and that's sort of what we wanted to accomplish with this Game Jam.  All the feedback we've gotten so far, we've taken into great consideration for our next release. 

Glad you were able to get a hang of the controls! We've actually talked about implementing a tutorial level and plan to have one in our full release of the game. Thank you for your feedback! We truly appreciate it!

Hey Snuffy, 

I'm sorry to hear you had issues playing the game. So far we've only tested the game on firefox and chrome. If you're using another browser, you might run into issues. If you are using one of the two that I mentioned, let us know which version you are running and we can test it a bit on our side.

You guys did a great job on this game! Camera movement is spot on, the abilities were both fun, and used to the fullest extent when it comes to progressing the levels. Which brings me to my favorite part about this game, the level design. The levels  had a lot of variation, and as I said were built well around the abilities. The art is awesome as well. The little glowing eyes on all the enemies, along with the soft glow coming off of Lumi was a very nice touch. All in all, great game. You got 5 stars from me!

Thank you for the feedback! We will definitely take that into account moving forward!

Thanks for the comment! Majority of the art assets were made by other creators here on itch, you should check out the License.txt in the Github if you're curious. Some of them are free and really useful :)

Sorry about that, taken care of! 

Hey there! Your songs are awesome, thanks so much them. They worked out perfectly in our game: Thanks for sharing <3

Hey there! Really amazing assets, thank you so much for this pack, and your planets pack! They worked amazingly for our first game: <3