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This feels like it could produce a very blaseball story and you nailed the visual aesthetic!

A further question: 

Page three tells me "This game is a machine. You must go through it in order." Question categories are presented in an order. Must I begin with a question category one, then follow with a question category two, three, four, and if things go poorly, five? Or may I asked questions in an order that I determine? I do not wish to fail the system.

Will the Communication Manual function on American Standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper, or is A4 paper a requirement for participation?

Jeer, jesters, jeer justly.

Janissaries, jaegers, jarls - judge.

Jackdaws jabber, 

Jackals jaw,

Jesters… jest.

You got me vibing on choice lists for sure. I also started reading Ironsworn yesterday which has some very evocative choice lists, although only used for their setting creation. 

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I love how you're pulling theory out of the abstract here. These read like the syllabus of a class I'd really like to take. I'd love to see more, if you've got them brewing.