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This is - bar none - the scariest game I've ever played.

You’ve got it! I’m realizing I did not make that clear enough in the document. 

Re: Blade-Bound and Drifter, I’m not sure I understand the question. Is the idea that the weapon is a character and you could refuse its “assistance” for the Drifter’s bonus?

Beyond being an interesting system in itself, Fighting... and Why It is Horrible has changed my concept of combat in RPGs in general.

It’s not something that I had considered, but could be quite interesting!

100%. You’ll need the free Ironsworn core rules and then you’re good to go. I plan to keep adding  new optional bits is what in development means. 

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Me, seeing the pitch for this game: Oooh! This looks like it could be something I can play Wayfarers with!
Me, getting to the example starting Opinions: Ho ho, very nice. :)

This feels like it could produce a very blaseball story and you nailed the visual aesthetic!

A further question: 

Page three tells me "This game is a machine. You must go through it in order." Question categories are presented in an order. Must I begin with a question category one, then follow with a question category two, three, four, and if things go poorly, five? Or may I asked questions in an order that I determine? I do not wish to fail the system.

Will the Communication Manual function on American Standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper, or is A4 paper a requirement for participation?

Jeer, jesters, jeer justly.

Janissaries, jaegers, jarls - judge.

Jackdaws jabber, 

Jackals jaw,

Jesters… jest.

You got me vibing on choice lists for sure. I also started reading Ironsworn yesterday which has some very evocative choice lists, although only used for their setting creation. 

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I love how you're pulling theory out of the abstract here. These read like the syllabus of a class I'd really like to take. I'd love to see more, if you've got them brewing.