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This game is amazing! Turns out, this makes for a good game to stream with Twitter artist friends, we had a riot last night.

Do you have any plans to update the game? Not necessarily just for bug fixes, but for new features (i.e. no random changes, volume control, silence when playing videos, even images from a folder, that kinda stuff)?

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I've gotten through almost the entire game, did the secret modes, AND even earned the Deaf achievement... And I can say that it's amazing! The AI is still finding ways to surprise me. My favorite gamemodes so far have been Classic and Hide-and-Seek, though Classic is easier than before. I was also wondering if it would still be fair to have the Hide-and-Seeker spawn behind hallway corners more often.

I've seen a few glitches. A piece of furniture propelled by the Poltergeist slammed me into and beneath the floor, and one time the hide-and-seeker spawned directly in front of me while outside. These haven't done much to ruin my experience, though.

My only big issue is with the Living Halls gamemode. The monster's aggressiveness and the twists and turns made my experience more similar to fighting a crowd of weeping angels. I decided to disable pixelation while playing it, and while it helped me with interpreting the map, I still haven't beaten it...

All and all, the game can be frustratingly difficult at times, but I love it all the same. I laughed, I screamed, and I had a LOT of fun streaming it on discord. Looking forward to future content!

It's great to see how much content's been added to this game! I've been infrequently paying it since V7 and it still sends shivers down my spine.

In gameplay from the final version, I noticed that the descriptions for all the modes are available from the start. What if instead they were individually unlocked as you completed the modes? Going in blind and having to learn the AI through experience was a big part of the fear for me in V7.

This has probably been said before but I wish that items under collections could be moved around, and that the privacy command could be used to blur specific tabs.

Such is life in the zone.

Having an issue on startup where the text is so large, most of it doesn't load into the textbox. Using a 1920 x 1080 display and launching from the Haunted Play Station Demo Disk menu. Help?