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Looking very much forward!

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 Ahh yeah, thx.. And a happy Yule and a great New Year !!

That was cool, enjoyed it!

Excellent, thx !!

April 11 it is coming :)

Physical versions at

Video here btw: 

ohh this looks great !!!

Black in the temple of light, what irony .. It never got fixed ?

It downloads here after a few tries, sill it should really be on the itch.o site for the future .. Game looks really nice!! Playing tonight :D

Just go into your library - My purchases - Bundles - Select the bundle and search for Hunter, then you see the download :)

Ahh then i understand :) Yes i found them all, thx and stay safe .. :)

Im looking for all of the Collectors USB Cassette series :)

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Really nice, got it ordereed right after the first batch was sold out (was still in stock it said)... But hope to have it very soon and enjoy it in these cray crazy times ... Take care and keep up the good work ..

Nice !! But how do I get this version ? I have the boxed version here ..

Thanks !!! But can you please sell your other games as digital files also ? The virus running around makes buying all physical difficult now .. Thanks and keep up the good work !:)

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This is the Amiga version, looks like you are on windows..

Excellent !!