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It's really unclear what to do after getting double jump.

EDIT: okay, I found the way, but it didn't even look like it was even possible to do!

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Here's a speedrun, not super proud of it, but it's something.

Control scheme baffles me: for controller, only analog stick is supported and not d-pad.

Analog is not good for 2d platformer, specially when you have diagonal dashes. I had to use antimicro (keyboard to controller emulator) to make d-pad work. This makes lot of input errors because of it, but it's still way better then analog stick.

And keyboard: space for jump and ctrl to dash. I would just use z for jump and x for dash, much more comfortable and easier for fingers.

But all in all, I liked it. I wouldn't speedrun it if it wasn't good enough for me :P

EDIT: better time!

Try x360ce