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Oh cool! Might try it sometime soon.

The problem with the B and N with WASD, is that it really cramps up your hands

Like you either use one hand (uncomfortable), use two hands (crowded and awkward), or use right hand (which hurts to do for me).

It is definitely better than C/X.

It also just feels weird in general that jump isn't space like in most games too especially considering how hard it is to hit the keys in the row above the space bar.

If you could add keybind customisation I think this game could be really fun and playable for me, as I like  bugs a lot and this looks neat.


Wish I could play, but I am left handed and it hurts so much to play

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Fun game, but this doesn't have much to do with the theme unless if I'm missing something. Would be cool to see this expanded upon.

This was not fun as a game. The player is weirdly bouncy. I also wish there was more besides flipping nice.

On the bright side, the game wasn't that long and was easy to understand thanks to the tutorial.

I wish the dice was more consistent.

This one is so cool! I really licked it! I do wish there was a text indicator for what each dice does whilst in battle, but I really liked this! I'd love to see it expanded upon, it reminded me of Undertale.

This game is super fun! I got really good at it, had a blast!

How do I steer?

I wish it was at least a fun satire game

This game is super fun! Saw my gf play it last night so I knew I had to get a higher score because I'm petty as heck! I had fun on the journey to that.

How do I pick a dice? I tried everything, but it didn't seem to work.

Fun and charming, but I wish the last level I played personally (the one with cracks on almost tile) didn't rely so much on specific dice rolls.

Saw a friend last night play this and I knew I had to play it just for the art alone.

I like the idea of this game, but this is not that fun to play. The random block placement is more frustrating than anything else.

This is a neat puzzle game.

Are the numbers exact? Because I keep on dying on despite what feels like should have been the challenge cleared.

I think the game would have benefited a lot if it told you the point values on the side of the UI.

This is also definitely a game, that's very fun if just for the title alone and glitching the heck out of it.

I wish the controls were better, but fun game!

This wasn't fun, there's not enough time for most levels to collect anything. The game feels very repetitive easily after several runs.

Gotta say, the gameplay is quite bad, but it makes up for that by being funny. I loved this game, it's very charming and very funny, I just wish it was longer lol.

This game actively sucks to listen to, hurt my head bad. The controls are very weird and I fell to the bottom of the tower multiple times, wasn't a fan, sorry.

Amazing game! Super fun!

This was super fun! As someone who's grown up with Pokemon I loved playing this. Very easy to understand and play, had me hooked!

Very fun game! Almost beat it despite getting hell on my first playthrough, the game is very exploitable, but fun.

Fun and original game, but wow that last level hard. I'd love to see this expanded upon.

I don't really see why you would want to change the colour of what can hurt you, the game is much easier without doing that especially since you can't control what colour it turns into.

I love the atmosphere, this is definitely one of the better "dice roller" games I've played!

Pretty alright, game. But what's with the camera "rotation?" That is really trippy.

T'was a good, but admittedly easy game until it crashed my whole PC on level 8.

Fun game, but the solutions were really obvious and I wish the game was more challenging. It mostly just felt like I had to continue the level along a route and it was already solved. This could have been fixed from play testing more. Nice visuals though.

This was an experience.

Had a bug where every role became 1.

This isn't just a good game jam game, this is just a good freaking game in general. Really enjoyed this. If I had to nickpick the end of Circuit was kind of dumb, but it wasn't that bad.


I really like this game, it's simple to learn and looks really good.

I don't think a lot of people will see this game since it's download only, but it's a lot of fun. I could see myself getting addicted to this game.

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This game looks very visually pleasing one of the best I've seen, but there are a few problems I have with the game itself.

The room has too many enemies and it is nearly impossible to play after a few minutes which isn't fun.

I wish there was a better indicator for the dodge roll.

Saw a friend play this earlier and just knew I had to play it myself and it was worth playing on my own too.

I really like the idea of this game and I really loved the visuals.

I do wish the game told you how to play the game though. I spent 7 minutes trying to figure out how to play. I also found the game too be incredibly easy because you can stick by a wall and constantly spam attack, I would suggest if you wanted to update this game to make the attack less spammable.