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As the results of the jam results closing in I would like to say its been a great first gamejam and I wish everyone luck with they're games results. :)

first of all thank you for the comment. I do know what you mean by the sound limit and yes it would have been better without a limit thank you for the review :)

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:o Thank you!

yeah I knew about that but completely forgot about it before I submitted it thanks :)

thanks :)

thank you :)

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Thank you for the comment I don't know why the second level is not working will have a look. Update. Fixed :)

done :)

Love this game! only thing I find annoying is that it hasn't got a lot of content. its easy to kow why though. would have been cool if when you finish 5 rounds the background changes to a desert and maybe different sounds for the desert. if you plan on continuing with the project I would love to watch it grow :)

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main menu gave a laugh, good idea too :)


My bad ill switch it round to .exe