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holy HELL bugbear's ending



there's like 2 hours left of March 15th for me. please. please update before it's too late, oh no time is ticking Please-- /j

loving the fact that all the comments here are excited for the update :D also excited ajwdlakjdaeljdekaljf. this game is amazing :D

aw man, sorry to hear that the winter months have been unkind to you, i hope everything is well with you! thank you for continuing to update us - i'm so excited for the lore >:D love the world building you're doing. take care of yourself!

it's a bit broken on the app - so i suggest you copy the link and paste it in your browser to download it :,) when you download it, just extract the zip file and click the .exe file !

just gonna drop a comment to say how much i love this. it's genuinely amazing - the world is so interesting and the characters are so unique, and honestly some of the writing has made me laugh or smile stupidly at my computer lol. thank you for doing what you've done so far, i'm excited to see more chapters :D

this is so cute and charming! aaaaa! genuinely heartwarming too! there's a lot of content, the art is wonderful and i love how it is written. thank you for all your hard work!

i believe it is made with twine!

i believe it was made with twine!

this game is really informative!  i honestly love the overall design, thank you for making it!

this was so immersive!  your writing is  really good; it really let me just,,, get immersed with the world and the story? it- your writing is really enjoyable :^)

this is amazing! honestly the writing is just perfect, and it definitely kept me immersed! i'm excited to see more :D

honestly, this was so fun and charming! i really loved getting invested into the story, wow, i loved how all the choices seem to matter and progress!
honestly your characterisation is great and i loved all the character's personalities. thanks for making this wonderful game :^)

one last thing, please stay hydrated drink water now haha take care 

woooooo john showing off his work wooop woop time to use this list to my advantage even though i've played everything and-

those r some nice plants :O i love the 2nd prairie's colour, its so pretty :D

yooo this is mint, a cool cool tree

1 trait but very cool

this game is really great! the story was really enjoyable (maybe i was a bit gullible,,, i feel like the whole royal thing should've been obivous lmao) but yeah! honestly,,,, great work! honestly, the art is really cool as well,,,, ple,,, this was a really enjoyable experience and i look forward to more psp

i only "play" this game for the button



early birthday


thanks for the button i can aggressively click on it instead of playing the game 10/10  button

happy belated birthday nerd

or is it not (if it isn't then this'll be awkward. But i abused the button anyway)

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MORE STUFF (or am i just. Really late to more stuff)

good to see you alive john

good game 11/10 e for emazing

good art work you are coolest

wait one second
if we get to version 69 can we have NSFW of lemon

am i an epic gamer yet, i played this game
ok but this game has developed a lot (i died and then came back to play this game) and i'm proud of ye, good job john

anyway have cookie *gives cookie*

*gasps* i have been outplayed

but like you are ebic by default

this game is amazing! the art style is really nice and clean (it's so refined n neat hahah) and i really like the story! looking forward to the full game eventually!


no u

hello back to say

you are ebic

no u

illegal i call that illegal you're the one who can draw here

the memes incorporated in this,,,, very ebic.