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Dude, you are hurting it by not correcting the instalation error. I would recomend to check how to fix it if you do not know how.

I am a commie and I do not understand the bias nor context of this game.

Yes, they should, but they have no enough equipement for it.

Not from Cuba, but Mexico, I am planning to make one once I know how to properly use GLFW libraries and other low-level programming stuff. A small game is the least I should do to support the struggle. It's gonna take some years before I start, so I am not asking you to follow me for updates.

He wrote the funny.

Can't play, shots error. I am using Linux btw.

I use it too.

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I would like it to be for Linux. I tried it with Wine and it is laggy and akward to play, but still playable. I saw you use Godot, I think it is easy to make it that way.

Why is this free?

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You might not know, but this is innovation, a new way to create and share music in a new way. Like the QR code translates squares to numbers, this translates colors to sounds.

I recommend use Piskel (program for pixel art very versatile) to create the image.

Thanks for answering!

I use a laptop, AMD A9, 3.1GHz, 8 GB  RAM (Only 6 are useful) Windows 10. Maybe game settings are the problem here, I don't know how to downgrade them, the Unity run settings doesn't appear to me. A in-game menu for this would be great if you ask me.

I played the game (updated) before my answering, but still with low Framerate (aprox. the same).

P. D.: The game still not appearing in Itch for Windows. I got the same problem with my last project, and I fixed it by marking the game as executable after fully uploaded.

I did a mistake I think you did too with the upload, if I am right, just where says something like "archive type" select executable.

I wish it could help you.

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I just want to say that in Itch.exe for windows doesn't appear the executable of the game, so I am installing it on webpage.

My computer can't run it at 15 fps, so I can't say if it's good or bad game, but I can say is not optimized for me.

It's good, iteresting, but short, really short, only has three segments, and easy can be finished on <1 minute (second time was 30 secs.).

It's bad, but need an alert to know what things are things (For example, with what you can collide or not) graphics aren't really good (shadows need improve) but it's more than other novice Developers' games (good enought).

To complete this game, first need to die, for understand, and then repeat (all the game) to know what to do.

So, keep trying, it isn't bad at all.

Just imagine do this online

This game need more instructions, maybe it's a good game, but without know what to do, it's hard to play.

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Me too

Finally, left click your crew and then right click where you want to go

This remembers me Tasty Planet.

Good game.

It was excellent, it made me dizzy, and I could see some of the tricks used, a very high mouse sensitivity to the minimum, low FPS, and after all, very good, really.

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Interesante, con varios pequeños errores. Considero que el tamaño de los objetos en pantalla es un poco grande y la disminución de velocidad es demasiada, por ejemplo, a los 30 segundos ya tengo toda la pantalla tapada y no me muevo mucho que digamos, y con eso (en especial la velocidad) no me da tiempo de regresar a la caja, lo que le quita un poco la emoción, porque aunque el reloj me diga que queda mucho, yo se que no es así, entonces debo de estar al menos 20 segundos antes llegando a la caja, así es más cálculo que carrera. Por otro lado la "inteligencia artificial" de los "enemigos" está un poco mal, por ejemplo, en las tres partidas que jugué, sólo en una, me robaron un producto, el resto del tiempo se la pasaron chocando con las paredes. La cuarta partida al parecer se trabó o algo parecido, pues no me podía mover, el tiempo no bajaba del minuto, no se veía ningún otro comprador u objeto.

Si no va a haber actualizaciones, hago una petición simple, que se cambie el estado del proyecto de "In Development" a "Released" o "Canceled" según sea el caso. Esto con el fin de no fastidiar si no se realizará alguna actualización.

Una palabra: Oro

Este "juego" es una de las mejores experiencias que he tenido a pesar de su simplicidad, o lo rápido que es terminarlo.

10/10  en especial para los que buscan algo más profundo que los juegos "populares".

Sólo faltaría que pudiera cambiar el idioma de audio y uffff, de todos modos, el ingles que usan no es muy complicado.

Good game, but I don't understand why my car drives like road is wet or my tires are ices, but the other turns fast without skid.

In other times the other crashed me like he did it as if it were on purpose.

8/10 if is a "serius race game".

11/10 if is a "rainy day car crash simulator".

Me engañaron, esto no es un juego, esto es un documental interactivo. Excelente documental interactivo. La historia es lo importante aquí, no la jugabilidad. esto merece un 10/10, sólo por que yo hubiera elegido un paquete de datos y llamadas menor, pero no lo permite.