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No problem. Thank you for your interest!

I remember playing the original SCP-087 version back in the day. This was a nice little recreation that expanded upon things. Really enjoyable.

Hey there, I'm looking forward to completing your game.

Two things mainly: clicking to continue breaks the controls for the game.

WASD keys wouldn't work after clicking to continue and clicking outside the game window broke movement controls entirely. This can be fixed by solely using the Space key and not clicking outside the game window.

Just that now I cannot figure out how to use the book? It may seem silly but I've tried a number of combinations and they don't appear to work. Nothing on screen indicates an Equip button etc. that I can see?

It definitely was, though I'm still getting used to using and making games. Hoping my giftee will be happy with their game.

This is such a good game. Figured it needed to be said on your main game page as well. Absolutely wonderful little experience with multiple choices and wonderful writing!

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Absolutely fantastic game, the programming worked flawlessly, the art was so fitting for the setting with an agreeable colour palette choice, the music was wonderful as well. The choices were fun to explore and the multiple options were also a pleasure to enjoy with multiple outcomes. 

The only things I could otherwise mention were two little errors in words (I'm not great though so take this criticism with a grain of salt). One was just a small grammatical error and the other a misspelling. There is absolutely nothing else I could criticize, the experience was amazing. Well done!

You are still miles ahead of where I am! Intending on playing as many as possible because the talent behind some of these games absolutely NEEDS to be recognized.

Really enjoyed what I could of the game. However I experienced an issue where passing to the next phase, sleeping during the day and into the night caused characters to remain at the previous locations. I was left only with the Venture sniper and was unable to continue the game as all four of the other members of the coterie were unavailable. Unable to talk to the Harpy and receive any sort of the ending; I was unable to continue with the game even during nights to explore other locations hence passing by everything and continuing to the next phase. Some overlapping text and text that went off screen was a little unfortunate as well.

Otherwise the graphics were wonderfully made, the OST was perfect for what was going on and the writing was fantastic. I loved the overall look of the game.

It is simply terribly unfortunate that I was essentially I was locked out of playing the game.

Having played through a few of the games so far (being so overwhelmed by the amount of entries; it will take a while to get through and enjoy), how many have you played so far? All of the games played so far have been wonderful needless to say. There's so much talent inside the vamily. 

Do you intend on playing more at some point? Has anyone played them all yet?
I know I certainly will be doing my best to play as many as possible!

Thank you. Seeing how vampires in this IP can easily be turned and left alone felt like an intriguing starting point and letting things run their course as a result. It may not be the best representation but thought it might be nice to entertain the idea. Again, thank you so much for your feedback!

Thank you so much, genuinely. Hopefully things will improve from hereon out as well.

No worries, it had me confused as well. Thanks for updating things!
(Also it appears to have been included in the Game Jam. Congratulations).

I would definitely be up to play your micro-game but sadly it is still in Draft mode I think. The page 404's.

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I can't write very well so take my critique with a grain of salt but I genuinely loved reading through your Twine game!
There were some grammatical errors and a bug or two (such as butler being stated at the end of the line again), and the image sizes sometimes caught me off guard (having them put to a standard height throughout the novel would be a nice bonus, but this is nothing that bothered me much at all). 

This was before your update however so I will have to read through it once more and enjoy it all over again. 

Overall the art choice was great, the story was fun to read through and the character background sheets were a pleasure to peer into on top of it all. It was an unexpected and nice final touch to your story.

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I'm not very good at writing but the grammar and typos took me out of the mood your story was trying to tell quite often. Vinny becomes Victor at some point - the name in the text doesn't match the character's name and it became slightly confusing. Maybe it's just a nickname? 
Otherwise there is a lot of passion in this project which is wonderful. There is some very nice atmosphere besides graphics to be explored and the music was great to experience together in your Game Jam.

Thank you Bodo for leaving such warm feedback to my game jam and for giving it a chance in the first place. Your kind words are greatly appreciated.

Thank yo for thinking so and for leaving a comment. Greatly appreciate the feedback <3

Thank you for the feedback and for giving my little VN a shot. May there be more little companions to be found throughout the industry in the future! Ha.

Thank you for playing and also for the feedback. Made a final few adjustments and hopefully it plays better now overall.  

Currently laughing at YouTube's thumbnail decision.

Really fun little visual novel with pretty imagery involved throughout the course of my playthrough. The initial song for the soundtrack is disjointed with sounds of nature thrown in to suit the theme very well. Other songs also suit the mood quite appropriately. Spent my time getting both endings.
Would definitely recommend playing through this short game.

Lil bird/10.

This was a wonderful RPG game to play with fantastic artwork and soundtrack to match the mood. Thank you for some time well spent and good luck with your larger project!