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Great work!!

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Браво-браво-браво! Невероятная работа! Именно то, чего мне не хватало, просто потрясающе, наконец-то хороший, кремкий детектив с расследованием, где всё зависит только от тебя!

Absolutely great! I hope you can develop this idea further and do not abandon this work!!!

Something terrible happened with the controls and the menu

But I still love it! Very cool graphics!

Old school rules!

It's a very snowy game!

That was really funny! Love your style!

A very tense game, as if I really were walking in a dark forest in anticipation of something terrible. Keep it up!

The music in your game caresses my ears! And the background looks like the village where my grandmother lives.

My god, what an amazing thing!

I love old text games, you managed to create an indescribable atmosphere, it's just incredible!

I love everything about this game from the cursor to the image change effect. Please keep up the good work!

Thanks a lot for the jam!

It was very useful for me, I feel that I am growing as a programmer because before that I only made text games, but now I was able to look at myself from a different angle. I have never done quick coding of anything, but I managed to make my game in literally a few hours, although it did not include everything I wanted, because it would not fit in one script.

Hello! What about free assets from itch? Is it legal here? With all credits of course.

Ой, я не уточнила, что я всё-таки прошла!

Жалко, что вы не намерены допиливать дальше, но это всё равно было очень круто

Очень бодрая работа!!

Офицер Вишневский секс, конечно, но в целом мир прорисован очень хорошо, после упоминания девочек мне даже расхотелось проходить дальше.



my boyfriend's family also has bees too, and he often works at bee-garden on summer

it looks like this

thanks for the game!

Very atmospheric!

Unfortunately, I could not complete the game, because in my browser the text is displayed incorrectly, there is a problem with the encoding.

I sobbed for the last ten minutes of the game. It hurts so much, it is so true. Thanks a lot for this game.

Очень мощное начало! Надеюсь, вы продолжите работу!

so cool!

Спасибо за прохождение и такой подробный отзыв! <3 <3 <3

Теперь тоже хочу булочку!

Thanks for the game!!!

Thanks for the game!

Я не выдержала и поиграла снова, но история всё ещё слишком грустная для меня.

Thank you for the game! That was really important experience for me.

What a great story!