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Oh this is so cuuutteee!! Thank you so much 💖 (and don't worry about Uriah's hair, I made it complex for no reason 😂)

I'm so glad to hear that!! Thank you 💕

 You have no idea how much that means to me, tysm for enjoying my little game!! 😭❤

OMGGGGG!!! This is so cute and funny I love it!! Saving this, thank you so much!!!💖💖💖

That makes me so happy to hear, omg!! I'm the same way, even if I do enjoy a game it can be hard for me to stay dedicated, I'm very proud that SOTH could keep your interest/attention. Tysm! ❤❤

I cannot get over this comment. Thank you for playing my game.

Haha, thanks mate!! I'm so glad you liked it :D

This game is awesome. The music's awesome, the style's awesome the gameplay is awesome. I can't wait to explore every route!

Glad you had fun anyways!😂

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I'm really sorry to hear that, I hope it didn't sour your experience of my game too much. 

Did you also re-do any of the Special Route ending? If that doesn't work, redownload the game- I just updated it, and should have fixed that error (though that may just be pointless since you'd have to play through every ending again...)

Apologies again, coding is still quite new to me.

You should indeed...🤔 Check you haven't missed an ending? Or perhaps redo an ending and the game might realise that you have them all??

Thank you so much!!


You get it by not picking an option during the quick-time event before the time runs out. Enjoy ;)

It honestly feels like I just uploaded it recently! I gotta make something to commemorate it. 😭 But I'm so, so happy you still think about my little game, you’re incredible ❤

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I'm really happy to hear that!! I think writing teens is really fun, because teenagers are usually fun XD

Thank you! I certainly will!

Thank you so much! I definitely plan to make more in the future so stay on the lookout!

LMAO cheers XD

That's so awesome! Never thought of myself as much of a comedian so I'm so glad the jokes actually landed.

And you know what they say, art imitates life ;) thanks for the comment!

It's impossible for me to make anything without some sort of emo character/reference/aesthetic, I'm glad someone else gets a kick out of them lmao

Thanks for the kind comment, I can't wait to make more, even better games in the future!❤

I'm so glad you enjoyed, haha!

So sorry about the font issue, thank you for sticking though it and thank you for your comment! ❤

I'm so happy to hear you've explored every route, and even that you have a favourite. It means so much to me that you even have this much to say about my game.❤❤❤

Thank you for your comment, and double thank you for spotting that typo (all the double-checking in the world, and I'll still never be free of typos)