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I really enjoyed this game, really cool aesthetic! :)

This game is so adorable, really enjoyed it

I rarely post but I really like your stuff :)

I'm about to use this for the first time and I can already tell this is a godsend, thank you so much for making this, amazing work!! :D

Thank you! :D

I will be adding a death menu in the full release and much more with refined AI, I realized the project's size was a bit ambitious for 9 days but it was fun to make this demo :]

Thank you :]

I am going to continue this project for sure, I definitely overestimated the amount of time we had not gonna lie lol.

Thanks for checking the game out! Ye the lava pit is passable but mayhaps it is a bit hard, I did throw that part together in the last hour lol.

Also yeah I have now learned that 9 days was a bit short for this idea, but I am defo going to work on this project since I have a good plan for it ;]

I'm glad you liked it :D

Thank you so much :D

I am currently working on a full recreation (with remappable controls, heh). You can look forward to the initial release maybe a month or two from now if I had to estimate it. :]

Im glad you enjoyed the idea :]

Thanks for the welcome and your comment :]

Thank you :]

Thank you for your comment :] I definitely gotta fix the ai lol

This was so much fun, really enjoyed it, I loved the artstyle and how simplistic it was. Really goes well with the minimal audio. I honestly think this is great. The story was funny too, perfect before going to sleep like I'm about to.

The artstyle is really astonishing, really polished from what I saw, looks insanely good!

I love the amount of varying suits you can assemble, very unique! I like me a speedrunning suit :3

Nice simplistic artstyle :]