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Hey thanks! I appreciate the response. I was guessing it was something along those lines because some games worked and some didn't and I couldn't find any rhyme or reason as to why. Thanks again!

I get that, but many of the games I'm coming across seem to be available for windows and I still can't download it. The button says "open page" rather than download. I can also download zips through the app, but they download as if they were a random zip and don't go into my "downloaded games' rather into just my computer's download folder. 

Hi there! First post here so I hope I'm posting in the right place.

Currently I'm going through the app and downloading games. I've come across a few games that don't have an "install" button. The only thing on the bottom says "Open page". Which opens the page in my browser (chrome). That works but from there I can download the zip, why can't I do it in the application?

Now back to the application, I can even navigate to the 'download' page and if I click the download, it pops up and there's nothing under the "install" dropdown. 

Am I missing something or is this on the developer's end? Thanks!

Am I missing a joke? it says "unavailablefor windows" on the itch io page?