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This was so well made!! The voice actor was incredible, and I really found myself hanging onto every word. I honestly took a lot of what they said to heart, analyzing where I may have been projecting, and thinking about why I chose certain options. It's such a complex creature that I honestly would have loved to learn more about. Although perhaps, maybe that mystery is what's so alluring. Anyways, incredible game!!! Great music, great story, great art, everything <3 

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I loved the demo! I understand not continuing it: it's a really big project! But I do wanna say that you had a really good concept, and the writing & art were really nice! I loved how the transition was just like the show's: it felt like I was really there! 

Even though you're not continuing this project, you're a really good game designer <3 Great work OP! I hope to see more VN's in the future!

This was SO good, incredible job to everyone involved!!! I loved every single character, honest to god. 100/10 would die for this game (Can't wait to see the full version!!)

This was so well made!! God, where do I even start? 

So, first of all, I loved the art style!! Everything had a really nice, soft, homely feel. 

Second, finding the true ending was really fun! I can't remember the last time I was so happy to play through so many endings, haha. I had a lot of fun searching for the right path to take, and I found myself excited to see the next clue. 

Third, this is actually a lot different from what I thought it'd be? But rather than feeling disappointed, I was actually really intrigued with the world! I was excited to play though everything, even if it wasn't what I expected! In fact, I think that furthered my interest. 

Fourth, god this list is getting long, I loved the message. I found myself nodding along quite a bit, observing how so many pieces of the story fit into modern day society. The rampant discrimination prevalent amongst the monster community, coupled with 'human saviorism' really applies to the relations between marginalized groups and their oppressors in reality. It brought up these topics in a way that wasn't too heavy, but it still conveyed the message well. 

Tl;dR: This was such a good game!!!! 8/5 stars. 

Short, but really really cute! :D Love the art style, as well as the names for all the cats, haha.

Heyyy, just finished my first playthrough, and it was so good! So like, first of all, I love the art style that you guys used. Not only was it pleasing to look at, but it really looks like y'all put in the effort to show diversity. That's a really refreshing breath of air, since a lot of dating sims tend to whitewash everyone. (But hhghgh I adore the art style. It isn't like anything I've ever seen before, but in the best way possible. Everyone seems really lifelike, but still cute af.) Also ajkdadbsk the art from the battle scenes were fucgkin hilarious

Second, the writing in this game was absolute gold my dude. It was the perfect mixture of "!!! im love" and memes. Again, the dialogue really made everyone seem real. Life is a big ole shitpost ('least mine is), and the game did an A+ job of representing that. 

Anyways, 29,000/10 I would die for this game thank you for letting me romance my junk boi and edgy wife

hey, thank you  for publishing this game my dude. I found this about a year ago while I was living at a shelter, I've always been attracted to surrealism, but I wasn't expecting this game to get as deep as it did. But I'm so glad that it did. I was going, and am still going through, a really rough part in my life, and I've never been able to relate to anything as much as I do this. I don't think I've ever dedicated so much time to a game, haha. Like, I was initially attracted to the broken-but-im-still-trying-my-best  attitude, (because god, what a mood,), but once I started getting deeper, it was kinda like I was watching and hearing...myself. Anyways, TLDR; thank u for publishing this, you made some kid out there feel understood and comforted in a way they never had before <3

Ahhh, I loved this so much!! Tbh I was actually so engrossed that I forgot it was a demo, and I actually found myself a little sad when I remembered, haha. 10/10 I absolutely adore this with all of my heart uvu

This was so good! The customization options were amazing, and to be rather honest, relieving. Not only that, but I really loved the characters! Their personalities were so unique and charming, and it was super cool to go through all the endings and see everyone's pov on different subjects. I'm really interested to see where the story goes, as its definitely a plotline I've never seen before. <3 <3 <3