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Heyyy, just finished my first playthrough, and it was so good! So like, first of all, I love the art style that you guys used. Not only was it pleasing to look at, but it really looks like y'all put in the effort to show diversity. That's a really refreshing breath of air, since a lot of dating sims tend to whitewash everyone. (But hhghgh I adore the art style. It isn't like anything I've ever seen before, but in the best way possible. Everyone seems really lifelike, but still cute af.) Also ajkdadbsk the art from the battle scenes were fucgkin hilarious

Second, the writing in this game was absolute gold my dude. It was the perfect mixture of "!!! im love" and memes. Again, the dialogue really made everyone seem real. Life is a big ole shitpost ('least mine is), and the game did an A+ job of representing that. 

Anyways, 29,000/10 I would die for this game thank you for letting me romance my junk boi and edgy wife