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You liked playing Noita too? I do!

Seems like a good start to a game

Some random things I thought while playing you could try:

  • Some flavour and explanation of what the runes do?
  • Have a click to hold to charge spell even further for more mana?
  • Have an indication of a floor being done? Arrow to the exit?
  • Have a popup and pause when you finish a floor to prompt the player to do some spell crafting? In the beginning I didn’t realise when I could do this and just went to the next floor, and got attacked straight away.
  • Camera should stop moving while in the menu maybe?
  • Have more “juice” when you hit an enemy with a more powerful spell
  • Enemy health probably too high/scales too quickly, I ended up a few times kiting a bunch of enemies and not doing a lot of damage. It’s too hard too experiment, without knowing what the runes do, having an indication of how much damage you’re doing (health bars? numbers flying off enemies?)

Hope that helps and GL with your thesis!

hey fruit friend, dutch friend here!

I played it and I liked it. I did use a program to map keyboard to controller to play on that.

I’m quite sure you’re going off super mario land physics here (well, not just the physics, but I’m not complaining :). I would still consider slightly lowering the acceleration while walking off a ledge and maybe having like 1 frame of coyote time, even tho SML doesn’t have that. Even without that, I still enjoyed hopping around!

Recording, no commentary:

Just NES inspired, the game is made in GameMaker, so PC only.

Short and sweet (and a little bit disturbing, can I go home now?)

If you want, you can still extract the pico8 source code from the .js file you have still, with shrinko8

Great reveal and comedic timing!

Just finished work and just saw the release email, I know what I’m playing tonight. Excited to see all the new things and hope Early Access and lead up to the launch goes well :)

Let’s go!

"Known Bugs: Don't throw keys behind wall"

Me: Get first key "I won't let go then, let me go straight to the door" gets key stuck behind the door >_<

Like the idea of changing the changing the surroundings with the lights tho :) 

You might want to have a look at BlueMaxima's Flashpoint and the (flash) game preservation project behind it.