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Oh, sorry, for some reason I completely missed there was actually a rules section! I just checked out some of the other posts before posting and didn't see any specific format. I'll add a screenshot in a minute

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Just release my first public project, which incidentally is also the first project I've also ever brought to I point I can call 'playable'. It has a short but intense gameplay loop of around ten minutes, which can be played on to infinity (and beyond!). Although I still haven't quite decided what to do with sounds and BGM, so you may want to get some music running before starting it up.

Hope you enjoy this demo, and if you wish, you can leave some feedback on the game page comments!

Title Screen

This game looks awesome, I'm aching to play it, even if I just have to wait a couple seconds.

Also, I found this game thanks to jacksepticeye on youtube. Made great advertisment for you. Got lucky.