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Hey thanks for the review. I guess you played it in the browser then. Unfortunately WebGL doesn’t allow to lock the mouse to the screen so the downloadable version is only really playable... 

it works sometimes but most of the time, the ice cream attaches itself to the tray properly but when I ”E“ the tray - especially from some distance away - all the ice cream pops off. 

I believe I was immersed in your game for at least 100 light years. 

the tray doesn't really work, because the ice cream always falls of the tray... great character design tho

Cool puzzle. Last one got me thinking for a while... ;)

Awesome! Been playing this for almost an hour now. Controls are hard to get to grips with, but I guess that is kind of the point of the game...

Hey, we had some real fun playing this yesterday. Thanks a lot for participating.

clunky controls but great game design

i see this game in my youtube ads

really cool, it has a great feel to it, but i had a little panic in the task manager and i selected everything from top to bottom, you should add that selecting every other task will result in game over

genius! very hard tho

3.37 cool game

i thought this was going to be easy after i learned how to spot the killer rabbit.. was not so easy anymore

interesting idea and atmosphere, great pause menu, but it is a bit too easy