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Beautiful and sad. I absolutely adored the art style of the portraits and CGs.

I loved the art + music and liked the concept quite a lot, particularly for a first effort at making a game, but I found it a little too easy to get the true ending. Easy might not be the right word, exactly. It was the second ending I saw after the quick headpetting bad end, so it felt like I was missing a lot of context for the reveals. Still liked it, but maybe there's a way to lock a particular ending until you've seen certain key points of the story? (I've played other VNs that do this, not sure if Ren'py specifically allows for it.)

Not trying to be harsh at all, I'm not experienced with Ren'py either, but I thought it could be useful feedback. Overall I liked it a lot and I'm interested in seeing what you make in the future!

This was so sweet! I got a little misty when Jessica and Amira made up at the end, ngl. :') I loooved the UI design - I've been trying to update my own Ren'py game, and it has made me appreciate a good UI so much more. Also a big fan of the backgrounds. Nothing wrong with the classic "stock photo run through an oil paint filter" VN look, but it was really cool to see something more distinctive. And the little animated trailer for Call Me Cera at the end, wow! Never seen anything like that in a game before, it was so cool. Just wishlisted it on Steam!

Now why did I get a sincere little tender feeling when the pan told me it was time to part ways? >:(

parmigiano reggiano

I am both charmed by this concept + execution and saddened, because now it's making me think about how I haven't kissed any of my homies goodnight recently. 

One of the most thorough bitsy games I've played! You did a great job with the environments - you took the largely intangible process of questioning one's gender and mapped it into a physical space, as well as making it into a narrative. I really enjoyed this. Great job, and happy Pride!

I don't know what this means. :V

This absolutely shreds. Really satisfying gameplay and controls, and a great aesthetic. Also you get to beat up [REDACTED BILLIONAIRE DIRTBAG], 100/10

Almost crashed my browser session, 10/10


Low effort indeed. As much as I wanted to find egg, I honestly couldn't get past the How To Play section. The game forcing you to wait five seconds even if the page just says a single word is a bit much. Still, I got a nostalgic kick out of the MS Paint looking graphics.

This game has some deeply challenging artwork. Still played for ten minutes. 10/10 would lay again

Nice, simple game. 

I really enjoyed this game. Naturally I defaulted to giving Arle her letter immediately, which was a quick but sweet ending, but then I replayed in order to see the other outcomes. Very thoughtfully written with some great art and a solid aesthetic sensibility. 

egg as advertised

The cover intrigued me, and I have to say, this was a fun little game! As advertised, got my dopamine hit from eating borger and avoiding spider.

10/10, this is hysterical and tragically relatable

Ahaha sorry for this late response.
Sort of! The character sprites are built with Fungii's super nice character bases, but I did make a fair number of edits and obviously put them together as well. A bit like dressing paper dolls and posing them. The writing and programming is 100% me.

Thank you so much! It warms my heart to no end knowing that other people have connected so much with this game. I don't have an exact timeline for writing more - I'll have to decide if I want to go for branching pathways or a kinetic storyline, and with the current art assets there are obviously limitations to poses and things. Updating the GUI is also a priority, both because it's easier while the game is still a demo and because the current graphics drives me nuts when I'm editing, haha. And of course, this all has to fit into my work and school schedule, now that my furlough period is ending. But I do feel very strongly about these characters, and there's definitely more to their stories that I'm excited to share with everyone.

If there's any kind of storyline or concept you'd like to see explored, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Absolutely gorgeous! I'll have to buy the whole tileset when I get back to work after quarantine ends. 😁

Thanks so much for the feedback!The bulk of nonbinary characters I see fit a very specific, limited mold: white, AFAB, slender, naturally androgynous. In reality, nonbinary people obviously come in all shapes and sizes, and I wanted to represent that in my game. Glad you enjoyed it. :>

Thank you so much for the wonderful sprite options! ♥♥♥ I used this pack, as well as the male option, in my game The Question, and of course you're credited both on the page and in the About page of the game itself.

Very fun! The art is charming, and the concept overall is fun. I did wish there was some sort of indicator when you'd reached the end of the story path, but that's not a huge issue.

The simplicity of the concept really works here. 

LOVED the concept for all of the plants - growing concern, growing interest, etc. That really worked well for me. The look of the game is quite nice as well. The planting and harvesting animations are a little tedious when you're going through multiple plots in a row, but I might just be impatient. Also, I didn't see any way to either save the game or exit without pressing the windows key to minimize the window, which would have been handy. Overall, I really got a kick out of this game - it made me want to keep playing.

Absolutely gorgeous art, and the story so far is interesting. It could definitely use some proofreading, but overall a great start to a game. I wanted more by the time I got to the end. 

I really enjoyed this. Simple but very real and relatable.

Fast cat, 10/10

This is so sweet ;____;

Saw this in the stream, it's super cute!

This made me feel really, sincerely tender.