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The game should be available for sale in Russia as soon as the invasion is over. In the meanwhile, you can play the demo, which is basically the same thing or use other software sources (which I do seed myself).

Try setting DRI_PRIME=0 in your environment. There are logs in ~/.local/share/dV/ directory, you might take a look there if something seems off.

Most certainly - through more ships might come after 1.0 release. If you want to see what I'm working on now, come to our discord - there are realtime development updates there and the backlog is public.

Thank you! Best way to get in touch is our discord at - I'm there pretty much all the time.

Hello there! I just uploaded Tales from the Rings and you should be able to download it for free with your client.

F is for keyboard targeting of autopilot. When you press it and rotate your ship, it will highlight viable targets, and when you release it will lock on to recent highlighted.

You can do the same thing by clicking the mouse on a target.

It sweeps around your ship with a laser beam, showing you immediate vicinity. You are at the center.

Blue things are moving towards you. Red things are moving away from you. Blinking things are shiny and probably valuable (or dangerous).

Sure, let me just figure out how to integrate free DLC gracefuly with itch.

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I'm moving pretty fast with updates, but I'll take a note to get some new screenshots with next release. Do check the demo - it uses same codebase and will show you exactly how the game looks like!

Thanks for checking out the game!

The game is, indeed, pretty physics-heavy. Could you open a hardware monitor on your second monitor and check if you are getting hit by the GPU or CPU usage? There is also a graphic detail slider in game that might help.

A good simple way to check is to kick in the adrenaline booster. If your framerate increases, you are most likely CPU-bound. I can offer more advice once I know these.

Let me try to replicate this and get back to you.

ΔV: Rings of Saturn is a hard sci-fi top-down physics-based space mining simulator. A game where physics controls everything from movement to damage, lasers are not visible without medium and every action has equal and opposite reaction. Grab controls of a nuclear-thermal-rocket-powered mining ship and get rich within the rings, or try to uncover their secrets.

Grab a free demo or early crowd Ringers Edition if you want more. 

Check out what our players say:

The way the lights on the ship light up the asteroids, the way even informational screens change when power goes out, the music that simultaneously carries emotions of loneliness, adventure, and mystery, all beautiful.
[...]while this definitely is not my style of game, it is EXTREMELY well done for it's genre. The aesthetic and art style are simply awe inspiring.
[...]love how the gameplay with keyboard/mouse AND gamepad is equally satisfying, while it 'plays' somewhat differently. [...] Having to constantly apply controls, to adjust speed, bearing, velocity is really fun, engaging and satisfying.
Nice game, very captivating. The silence and mystery of space feels spot-on.
I’m in love, I’ve been waiting for a game like this my whole life.
[...]looks really really good! I love this kind of sims on where all is about precise control

What is your hardware?

I managed to replicate & fix this in 0.61.3.

I have hard time replicating it on my end. Could you record a video, or send me a screenshot? TIA!

Thanks for reporting it, I'll check that out. It might be that the new threaded loader is glitching out in some edge cases.

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This should be fixed in 0.21.4. Please let me know if that patch worked for you.

I never expected that Mac will resize the window briefly to 1x1px.

Thanks for reporting that, I'll find a way to get it fixed ASAP.

Good point, will do.