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This was quite an experience! The AI is so mean, I definitely want to get off the grid!!

The concept is really cool! With a little polish to make movement/collisions smoother, this could keep my attention for hours.

I was really vibing with this game. Great art and sound!

The wibbling and the wobbling!!! I love the expressions on all the pieces. My highest score was 8550 after 15 rounds.

This was really neat to play! I didn’t read the instructions so I figured it out by trying different placements, angles, and powers. I love the feel of the stones hitting each other and those facial expressions are hilarious!

This dino may be ignorant, but also 16 coins richer! Thanks for the game!

Argh, that Mr. Afro Duck!! I very much enjoyed the ending. Very entertaining!

It took me a while to figure out what to do, but I eventually managed to beat the game. The art is gorgeous!

Yay I beat all the levels! These were some fun puzzles. The physics made it very interesting.

I played until I got a score over 30! Great work for a first game!

It was really satisfying to make a comeback from a knock out and then throw the opponent OFF THE GRID! Thank you for this experience.

The characters are adorable!! I really liked being able to add flying walrus eels and see them move from different camera angles.

I admire the effort that went into the background assets. Seeing the toilet made me so happy that I made it a goal to get the radio to fall into it. Thank you for this experience.

The nerfed player fire rate made this much more enjoyable. Thank you!

THE CURD!!! Very entertaining.

It’s cool that you got a day-night system working. I enjoyed using infinite jumps to fly around and see all the islands.

This was fun! It took me a while to realize the discs were enemies and not power-ups but once I got the hang of it, I found it quite enjoyable. Good work!

Even if it was short and simple, I enjoyed the feeling of outrunning those big meanie heads! Thank you for the experience.

Run, Curdle, RUN!!

This one is my favorite. The spook,the mummy,the SUSANs! Thank you for this experience.

The characters and art made this super fun! Great job everyone!

Breakout is a good interpretation of the theme. Nice work!

Great game! Everything from the concept to the environment is spot-on!

At some point the strip casts a shadow on itself and I got nervous thinking there was a giant swinging tentacle up ahead. Then I realized it was only a shadow. Phew.

Simple, yet entertaining! The flower is a nice touch.

I love the weather interactions– great concept!

Don’t cry lil’ beet… It took me five tries but we finally got the carrot! I like that getting it wrong allows one time to think up a strategy, and the bouncy animations were like a smile that encouraged me to keep pushing through.

WAAH I GOT THE CUCUMBER! I really enjoyed the variety of characters y’all made. Great work!

The title made me giggle haha

Aaaa THE MEMORIES and just like the real thing I only ever seem to get 1 spot before or after the jackpot...

Nice work! I was thinking of a virtual pet submission as well (but I didn't finish yet)

btw I had trouble muting the music (nice tune, but a little loud). The mute button doesn't seem to work? (windows ver.)

Hi Mitchell!

I was originally planning to go solo for this, but I'm considering outsourcing for some art assets. It's my first jam, but in the past I have made games in 2-week sprints for school. I'm comfortable with Discord and Google Docs. Haven't tried Trello before, but it looks similar enough to GitHub's project cards.

My plan was to finalize the asset needs and design doc by the end of the first day (GMT-4/EST), so if you're interested in working together I can send that when it's ready. At the moment, I know for sure the perspective will be side-scrolling, and I plan to do the backgrounds so I can keep control over parallax effects. General genre/setting is typical fantasy (knights and dragons). What I'd be asking for is probably 6 items and 3 characters, with maybe 10 short (~3-frame) animated actions for two of the characters.

Does that sound feasible within a week, or am I being far too ambitious?

Also, I noticed you use Aseprite? I could set up a project file with labeled animation sequences and asset layers, and then all you'd need to do is fill in the cells.