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2d pixel artist

A topic by Mitchell created Mar 18, 2017 Views: 247 Replies: 2
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hey! I'm looking to join a team for this. I'd prefer to work with people who've already done gamejams before because i sorely need to finish a project. I'm also working on my own personal gamejam on the side, but since they're both long-term i'll have time for both. let me know if you're interested! I mainly use Discord and like setting up docs to be organized, so I'm willing to make the team temporary Discord server, Trello board, google docs, etc.

*side note, i don't have any programs like Photoshop, so graphic design areas aren't my forte! sorry. i'm better at characters, furniture, and detail items rather than menus or backgrounds, though i can do both if needbe. Just won't be as good as someone who knows what they're doing :)


Hi Mitchell!

I was originally planning to go solo for this, but I'm considering outsourcing for some art assets. It's my first jam, but in the past I have made games in 2-week sprints for school. I'm comfortable with Discord and Google Docs. Haven't tried Trello before, but it looks similar enough to GitHub's project cards.

My plan was to finalize the asset needs and design doc by the end of the first day (GMT-4/EST), so if you're interested in working together I can send that when it's ready. At the moment, I know for sure the perspective will be side-scrolling, and I plan to do the backgrounds so I can keep control over parallax effects. General genre/setting is typical fantasy (knights and dragons). What I'd be asking for is probably 6 items and 3 characters, with maybe 10 short (~3-frame) animated actions for two of the characters.

Does that sound feasible within a week, or am I being far too ambitious?

Also, I noticed you use Aseprite? I could set up a project file with labeled animation sequences and asset layers, and then all you'd need to do is fill in the cells.


Hey there! I'd love to talk more about this, because it sounds like something I'd like to work on. (The fact that you'd be doing the backgrounds is a big plus, in all honesty haha.) It certainly sounds doable, given the amount of free time I have ;)

My Discord username is Qunari Ariqun#8616 . I'm personally in CST (currently GMT-5) so that works out well!