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This is not a game, it's button mashing and trial and error. It matches the theme, but I don't see how this idea could be turned into a fun game.

Incredible! I think I completed all levels (it says there's more but doesnt load)

The controls are a little clunky, I had to restart a lot because I accidentally moved one tile too far. The level order is also a bit weird as mechanics are softly introduced in easy levels after already having completed harder levels featuring that mechanic(teleports, recharging blocks).

Terrific idea, great execution, only needs some polishing.

Cool idea, just way too easy. Plays very smoothly

The game has one central issue: Turn priority. Making the playable character act first and monsters after him would make this so much more intuitive.

Intriguing concept, this could be the basis for an actual card game!

I don't see how this fits the theme. Am I missing something?

Simple and effective design. Cool twist on the jam's theme

Cool idea, but the levels often come down to trial and error as it's not clear what certain objects do.

Hilarious, but not very original.

Greatidea and execution!

A weird one. Am I missing the point? 

The gameplay is a little underwhelming, you just run the cursor over the screen and win. 

It also has two mechanics: the claw and the shield. That's one too many.

Great presentation though, looks great.