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I'm just disappointed that another "potentially" good game has fallen to the way side for reasons. No updates or news since Oct 1st, 2018 which is now 6 months later as of March 1st, 2019. I supported this project and enjoyed what it did have to offer but also expected the developer to stay true to their convictions.

Well the game had some good stuff for what was done. I will say that I'm disappointed with the lack of continued development after supporting this project but it's not like it was a lot of money investment either and I did get it's worth so far in play time. 

Best wishes to the devs should they decide to continue developing this title. Cheers!

Hope all is good my dude. Any thoughts on when the next update is getting pushed out? Cheers!

Has their been any consideration for adding more "private" items beyond chests, such as private doors (wood, stone, etc) that no other player can access? Not all servers want to be co-op thus we desire to protect our goods / structures in general. That said, we can encourage more PvP. This would also require some balancing of how much damage certain weapons / tools do vs wood, stone, etc. 

Add greater health to private chests / doors. 

Another consideration would be to add degradation to the iron tools / weapons vs player structures, thus they would break down over time when trying to break into another player's base.

Is there another tier above stone that we will be able to utilize? I understand this is Nordic style, however having iron reinforced stone could be a possibility? Thanks for your attention and considerations.