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Awww, this was so gooddddddddd. I felt like the characters were very real, the interactions between characters were genuine, and everyone was very likeable. Grouchy/Hiroto is cool, Prince is charming, and Glasses was cute. I like reading VN's and otomes out loud, but Magic Girl Mimimimi, Vivivivi, Bubububu, and Trolololol gave me a run for my money. ANywayS, the art is fantastic, the writing is sublime, and the protagonist is wonderful. 


ok, but like, Glasses was my bias breaker big-time. He made me a little nervous in the beginning, to be honest, but then you find out he's just a big dork who really likes his stuff. And how can you fault that? And then at the end, he's actually really heart-felt and kind when you tell him the truth or downplay it, or a even bigger dork who is innocently gullible to manga plots.....he's a cutie. Can't wait to see more of him (and the other guys!)(And Natsu!) in the full game! For now, I'll just play the demo over and over again...

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Sooo cute!! Everyone is likeable, and I can't decide which!! Although,  I am very conflicted on the state of my female friends who may or may be interested in the love interests!! AHGK! I don't want to steal, especially from such popular and FRIENDLY people. Not cool. Although, as much as I like Kouya, he is really cute with Mayumi. Even if it's not canon, it's still really cute. And does Nagi like Reina? Why did the whole school assume that Nagi was the heir? Will we ever get to see Rui's modelling pictures? wHO Is tHE heIR?? So many questions. I'm excited for more! XD The art is also really cute. The formatting is cool as well. 

THERE ARE SPOILERS HERE!! AHhhhHHHH!! XDDD I love this game, and Silas with all my heart!! I've played a couple times, and it gets better every time. I got the romance first, then the normal, then the friendship (I think?) And I will fully admit, I cried. First in the romance when I thought he gave himself up to get her home safely, and that was only a few tears. And THEN, I find out that he really DID give himself up, and then I cried for reals. ANd It huRT. 

But did I mention that I love Silas with all my heart?? Like, how is it possible to be THIS endearing and cute?? I've always had a weakness for AI's and robots, but this one really hit home. I loved that he was always just "gently" or "slightly" confused, or "politely bewildered", the poor bby. ANd WHen He Said HER ApPEAraNCe waS AlSO PlEasiNg anD ThAT She wAs "Undeniably" SymmETCRICAL aNd HEr EyES WeRe            "Exactly" 30 cm ApART. L I K E  H E  H A D  M E A S U R E D  IT.  O U T  O F    P U R E (??)  C U R I O S I T Y. I swear on Silas's bright blue lips that I rolled from my bed onto the floor, rolled while quietly trying to suppress myself LOUDLY Squealing from joy and enjoying a good 5-minute block of pure fangirling. Complete with pillow screaming, uncontrollable hand motions, and fangasm. There are a lot of smaller things too, that contribute to the overall greatness of it. I went through one route choosing every flirty option. I was NOT DISAPPOINTED. The massage was also the cutest thing asginjsdfkgfs. AND THE WRISTS!! This boi, distracted so easily~ The reoccurring references to them being like teenagers was also a highlight <3  "There is no other way to describe it- he melts at your affection." HNNN("I make you self-conscious? HNNNNNN) Him trying to convey what he's not supposed to feel through eyes that are not meant to see her in that way, the way he waits like a worried puppy at the door during the romance route, like he's afraid you'll be mad so he waits for you to be ready and willing, AND THE KISS. AND THE KISSSSSSSSSSSSSS. THere is MUUUCH to be said on the kiss, but I must say, that both are amazing, I prefer the "MC took the first initiative" one. That was something special. But the engine has TERRIBLE timing. TERRIBLE. I need to stop before I write down the whole story too late, but there are just so many great moments and tiny gems that I cannot get over.

And I must confess, I had played Queen's Crown before this one, and after seeing Emry and Noah (For Later), I didn't think this one would be as good. DING DONG I WAS WRONG. I like the setting and art (I like anime more, but I still can never get enough of Everyone's blushies and smiles) more in the Queen's Crown, but the writing, and Silas, takes the cake here. HIS SMILE CHANGES EVERYTHING. 

But in conclusion, I love everything you've made so far, Agashi. Your two stories are my favorites on here, and some of the only ones so far that I've liked. I look forward to anything else you make, especially if it involves MC and Silas, and hope you know that you are amazing. 

"I am...defective. And I find myself caring less and less"   

                                                 - Silas

*This line still echoes in my head. It is so powerful, and full of meaning and depth, it's the kind of thing that stays with you forever. Thank you again, and kudos to you for changing me and countless others who have loved and enjoyed your game.