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Awww, this was so gooddddddddd. I felt like the characters were very real, the interactions between characters were genuine, and everyone was very likeable. Grouchy/Hiroto is cool, Prince is charming, and Glasses was cute. I like reading VN's and otomes out loud, but Magic Girl Mimimimi, Vivivivi, Bubububu, and Trolololol gave me a run for my money. ANywayS, the art is fantastic, the writing is sublime, and the protagonist is wonderful. 


ok, but like, Glasses was my bias breaker big-time. He made me a little nervous in the beginning, to be honest, but then you find out he's just a big dork who really likes his stuff. And how can you fault that? And then at the end, he's actually really heart-felt and kind when you tell him the truth or downplay it, or a even bigger dork who is innocently gullible to manga plots.....he's a cutie. Can't wait to see more of him (and the other guys!)(And Natsu!) in the full game! For now, I'll just play the demo over and over again...