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A super enjoyable game! Good UI and map design. I only wish I could dash to evade the enemies' attacks.

Aww, that angry face and the way she dived into the hole without a reason are so funny. I really enjoy the fierce fights. Besides, the ambient design is cool. Using emoticans in the menu is smart. Overall, I enjoy this sgb gem~

Thank you IDOLL! I designed Armadillos to be slain in one turn just to test the heaven bow. Definitely play again and buy the Heaven Bow, I promise it gives you tons of sense of accomplishment. Lol, your right, I made tents cuz they make the area look like a base, but then I realised they can't survive the coldness in the tent so there is fireplace... 🤣 

Thank you! Ah haha, I didn't anticipate  anyone chats from that location.

How lovely! Funny characters, interesting gameplay and pleasant music. I was astonished the moment I landed in the hole! 

Amazing job! Can't believe this was made with Bakin. Like the vibes, the art style and character design. Btw, I love the controller rumble! Where can I get the rumble script please?

Full walkthrough

Super cool plugin! I only waited until you really aren't updating to buy it in case I will need to update repeatedly! XD

My favourite Bakin work for now! I really like the toon-style open-world game with some amazing Wind Waker vibes. And it feels like my game style too! 

The characters remind me of The Legend of Kage on Famicom. The enemies are so strong I only got a highest score of 13! The tone and modelling of the map are incredibly amazing. And I like your logo! 

Thank you for liking this game! Getting stuck inside an object is a bug with Bakin engine. I submitted the bug in the forum a long time ago but even the team finds it hard to fix. Once it happens, the only way to get out is to use the blue return icon in Main Menu. When falling from a height, this bug is very likely to happen. If you could fly or use the paraglider when you are near the landing spot, you can avoid the bug :)

Gameplay showcase
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So amazing. I like the vibes the green stream in the deep woods gives. Looking forward to test playing this one! Is the video from another game in SGB?


This is my favourite style of game presence. That haunted mansion reminds me of my Pokémon adventures.  Love the design👍

Love this art style! The game is so lovely and enjoyable. Beautiful environment & scenery settings! 

Love this one! Well done! 👍👍👍

Thank you for liking the game and thank you very much for the precious suggestions. I will definitely consider them in the sequel of this game, which I plan to do in Bakin. For this one, I didn't have enough time to prepare since I knew this Jam when there were only 7 days left.  

Thank you! 🎶😎

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Cool story and amazing camera operations. How interesting I felt I was the most handsome man in the company and I could flirt with every lady throughout the game till the end!

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Thank you Kumachan! I didn't know that game before. It does look like mine! 

Hi, thank you for purchasing. I have sent you a download link. Please check out your mailbox


Nice voice and interesting lines (esp the KO ones!)

Yes! You can change any of the existing resources by simply changing the graphics or particle in the event page. 

Played this one. Very captivating. Love those funny signs

Here is the trailer

Thank you for naming this game The happy map. It's such a leisurely and joyful game! 💀🤕🥴(I need a full version of this. Love the graphical impacts and the 'happy' vibes!)

Very impressive camera move and interesting gameplay and story. 

Hi, thank you for your interest! Main characteres are designed by myself. I created them based on the G-style assets from SGB. I will continue working on this game and update as often as I can. 

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Prequel to this game is found here: 
Between Dimensions Beta by KnifishGames (

That game was made by RPG Maker VX Ace. It has the same world view as this 3D game. 

Thank you! I'm sorry I didn't have enough time to finish it. I posted this only because of the ddl to submit this for the JAM. But hopefully, I'm still working on it and will keep this updated. I will post a new version very soon today.

Hi, this game hasn't been finished yet. But it was the deadline of the JAM. I will update a few times in the next few days until it's fully playable. Thank you!