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   Blast your non-existant friends in a 4-player game you'll never get to utilize since you don't have 4 real people to hang out with at once with a garbage program inspired by the works of Steve Russel's 1962 hit of the same name!

  I shamefully present my first "thing" as it's barely a game for 1970s standards. With primitive vector-style graphics, you'll feel at home in the arcade if anyone's that old anymore, as long as you have a big old crt tv to play it on...cuz these type of games benefit from phosphor trails...

 Download it and play it for free now! Itch Page or don't... and I wouldn't blame you.The shameful fact is the part of this I'm most proud of is the attract menu that cycles through when you're not playing. I left it on all day to stress test it to see if it would break and although letters would sometimes get stuck big, my goal here isn't to make actually good games..

 I hope someone gets some sort of enjoyment out of this, but really, the best way to experience it is with a joystick to keyboard software since I'm not sure how well 4 people crowded around a keyboard would work out.

  If  you've noticed by now that my tone isn't "professional" and I am satirical you get a cookie (cookie not included you must supply your own cookie to get a cookie) and thanks for listening!

Sinistar's my absolute favourite. Looking forward to seeing how it comes along!

 This is a good effort and is interesting to say the least, however, I do have a couple problems with it.

  The game really lacks any sort of inspiration. I guess the original playstyle for Defender was too hard and you sort of gave up and used the arrow keys, sacrificing what made Defender fun and making it an autoscroller. No smartbombs or Hyperspace to be found either.

  Your planet doesn't explode and send you to space when all your humanoids die; making the only consequence for letting humanoids die is losing points. This wasn't enough to stop me from just letting them get captured and shooting the mutants for more points. 

  Having the Williams logo as the thumbnail led me to expect either a sub-par Defender remake or an improved reimagination of the game. I had a good laugh, but in the end, I was a bit disappointed.

  For the record, a more true Defender experience (while a bit limited to what such an elementary engine can perform,) has been made in MIT Scratch Defender in Scratch but as I see things right now, this isn't the aim for the current release.