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ah nice

oh nice. played a bit, pretty interesting


as long as you buy it sure i guess


thanks :)

I've been working on this font for a while, and it's finally finished :)

The font has a bunch of characters; uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, common symbols, and lots of accented letters.
As for language support, basically, if it's got latin characters, it's most likely supported. For example, Danish, German, Polish, etc.

And if anyone thinks characters should be added, I can add them of course.

It's pretty good. Reminds me a bit of Homesick.

specs are listed on steam.

No idea when. Around €15 maybe.

this is very cool. pacing seems a bit off with some levels but other than that it's dope

now where's the tip button. let me give u money

it's not done yet

well it is inspired by frog detective :v

the font is Fredoka One

when editing your game page's theme, under Font, you can click <select Google font>, and then type in the name

speedrun :^)

in the itch app it now says not available on windows

>Not available on Windows

Any chance you could head over to [Edit game] and then in the uploads section mark it as a windows executable? I'd like to install it using the itch app.

Well that was terrifying.

The short view distance is a little weird, but I like the mechanics.

Reminded me a bit of that one scene in Interstellar. Very pretty.

That being said, the pacing is good, and the overall layout of the game was very clear.
I had next to no trouble figuring out what to do or where to go.

Pretty nice game. But the walking speed is a bit too slow IMO.

It's pretty cool.

very cool

Instead of being careful you could make it anime themed and make the character say baka baka baka instead of waka waka waka