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Had so much fun and was able to get all the endings!!!

Thank you so much for reaching out! <3 <3

This is definitely one of our favorite games, to date!  Spooky oppressive romance, we are here (?) for it!

We had an amazing time playing this game! It was meant to be a cute stress-reliever, and while it took us on an unexpected emotional rollercoaster, we really enjoyed the journey.  I believe we got all the endings, but let us know if we missed anything! <3

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LOVED THIS GAME.  The music, art, and story are so pretty!!!! ;-;

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Extremely cute and relaxing!!  Klin loves nonograms!!!

Literally obssession... ignore the first one and the fact that we were super sleep deprived... :x

Two grad students losing their minds: 

Guilty... :D

A very sweet and relaxing game to conclude the night! <3

Such a cute and funny way to bring closure in this heartwarming story!  <3<3

Any game able to scare KT is a 100/10 for me - Klin

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This game was so lovely to play!  Wonderful story and SUPER CUTE music, art, and overall characters! <3  

Big fans of NomnomNami!!! <3


VAMPIREEESSSS!!!! <3<3<3<3<3 - Klin

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Loved this so much!  

Call be crazy, but Chase can have my heart - Klin

Two grad students losing their mind and sanity: 

This. Was. Absolutely. Adorable. <3  

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We can't draw, but that kinda made it all the better XD

What an interesting and intriguing game.  Big fans!! <3

Two grad students losing their minds: 

We had so much fun murdering!! <3

Full playthrough between two grad students going insane at 4am!

We're idiots!  THIS GAME IS PERFECT FOR US!!! <3

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Can't wait for more to come!!! <3  

We also big boy jealous of that a$$ ;-;

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We couldn't shut up about how cute these games are!!! 

We love you NomnomNami!!! <3

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Had so much fun playing this game!  Enjoy our insanity!! <3

Please Don't Touch Anything Playlist:

Teehehehehehehhe..... I'm so lost, but can't look away....... 

Full playthrough <3

Charles!! <3