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Hi all. I have a web-only game which has a lot of visits coming from reddit and from another page’s project, but it also get visits from:

For example right now I note 5 such visits for the last 30 days. Also note that it have been like that for about a year I think.

  1. Is this a bug of the analytics recordings?
  2. What does this corresponds to? Someone in itch visiting the page? An internal bot? Or maybe an issue related to the itch store application recording itself or something like that?

Note that the other pages/projects I have do not expose this address as visitors, but they also are not web-exclusive so not sure what is going on.

Hi newcomer!

If you have questions on this project, it’s development or have suggestions and opinions, feel free to express them in this forum.

Here are the important rules to follow:

(I will update this with important info progressively)

The game is finally complete! Feel free to share what you think here :)

Wow my game ended very badly XD

Good work!

Definitely unspeakable XD

Hello! I am getting an error with my browser setup: `

Uncaught DOMException: Failed to read the 'localStorage' property from 'Window': Access is denied for this document.


I think it can be fixed by catching the exception to handle that situation. Not sure what setting of my browser triggers that.

The result is that I only see a black screen.

Nice that allowed me to play it!
Very fun game! XD
The audio is particularly lol

Hey! :)
Looks like I can't manage to load the game, not sure why but Unity stay stuck like that once I click the launch button: (couldn't add the screenshot for some reason O_o)

BTW The music was made by Roc Lee, not me (just to clarify)

There is an update incoming, that should be followed by the final version.

Thank you!
The other levels are coming, their content is already in but we lacked time to complete their generation. You will be able to see more soon ^^

Thank you! Hopefully you will be able to see even more content when I'll activate the other levels ^^

Very nice! :D
Can I see the code somewhere?